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    23-Piece Battery Collection

    Your Price: $14.99
    Half the price of Duracell & Energizer this 23 Piece Assorted Battery Set provides long lasting power at an unbeatable value.
    Item # 6534

    Collection Includes:
    - (1) 8-pk of AA
    - (1) 8-pk of AAA
    - (1) 2-Pk of C Batteries
    - (2) 2-Pk of D Batteries
    - (1) 9-Volt Battery

    A Convenient Collection of All The Batteries You'd Need

    Here's a household MUST - a battery multipack for nearly every occasion. You get 23 total batteries of the most popular sizes - even a 9-volt!

    Keeping and storing batteries in every size is not only convenient, but it can save you in the long run. By having a stockpile of fresh batteries on hand, you can ensure that your household devices such as remotes, flashlights, and even smoke detectors always have the power they need. You'll be glad you have this multipack battery assortment!

    They're great to have for all the kids's toys and emergency situations like a power outage.

    Collection Includes:

    - (1) 8-pk of Alkaline AA
    - (1) 8-pk of Alkaline AAA
    - (1) 2-Pk of Heavy Duty C Batteries
    - (2) 2-Pk of Heavy Duty D Batteries
    - (1) Alkaline 9-Volt Battery
    Existing reviews Write A Review
    Im ready for a hurricane
    This is my idea of how to get ready for a hurricane, though I always try to blow them off our coast.
    ANN | 6/30/2021 11:00 PM
    Battery steal
    A Great Assortment of Batteries, and guess what??? You ACTUALLY USE THEM!
    CHARLES | 7/29/2020 11:00 PM
    So 3 years ago...
    Three years ago I bought these batteries. I had purchased a new condo and knew I might need batteries. I had gotten my most used batteries in bulk from the membership bulk store they were expensive. They worked no better than these from Pulsetv.com I moved to a 55 and above condo. Not only am I set for anything going on for me. I have saved a few of my neighbors as well who were in need of batteries. I am not looking for praise. I am trying to be the woman my grandmother taught me to be.
    FRANCES | 10/24/2018 11:00 PM
    some good, some bad
    The D batteries expire 3/17. The 9 volt expires in less than a year. The rest were fine. You get what you pay for.
    SHARON | 3/6/2017 10:00 PM
    Great Batteries
    All the batteries that I needed for all the Holiday decor, great price.
    ALICE | 1/2/2017 10:00 PM
    battery colection
    Sorry, Minus the shipping charge, cheaper to buy locally.
    FRANK | 8/12/2014 11:00 PM

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    No more frantic searches for the right-sized battery! This multipack has you covered - 23 batteries of the most popular sizes, including that pesky 9-volt!

    Having a few batteries in popular sizes like this will make sure you're prepared for every scenario. Imagine:

    - Remote controls that actually work (without shaking).
    - Flashlights that instantly light up the night (not just flicker).
    - Smoke detectors that keep you safe (not silent dangers).

    This isn't just convenience, it's peace of mind. Plus, save $ when you get this pre-made bundle!

    You'll get high-capacity alkaline batteries, as well as heavy duty C and D batteries for those rarer occasions. We now include even more AAAs than before - seems like these are more and more popular in smaller devices!

    This is perfect for kid's toys, emergencies, and everyday electronic devices. See the full list of included sizes on our site!


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