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    3DLightFX Wall-Mounted Mini Sports Nightlights

    Your Price: $4.99
    SPECIAL: 2 for $7.98

    Item # 8584

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    Make a super cool addition to any sports fanatic's room with this innovative wall decoration. Each sports ball appears to have been thrown "through" the wall with 3D crack effect. If that wasn't enough, each ball lights up!

    This wireless night light doesn't need to plug into an outlet: it uses 3 AAA batteries (Not included) to give off an ambient glow. To turn it on, just flick the switch and a timer will turn it off automatically after an hour.

    It's easy to mount with little to no damage to your wall: the crack effect is applied as a see-through sticker, then you just attach the ball with the included hardware.

    The stay-cool LED lights make it safe to mount anywhere without getting hot. Whether you have the light effect on or off, it creates a stunning three dimensional view in any kid's room, play area, or even the man cave.

    Choose from mini basketball, baseball, or soccer ball light. Note: these are not intended to be full-size replicas, they are all 3.5in wide.

    - 3D Wall Decoration
    - Stay-Cool LED Nightlight
    - Easy Slide On/Off Switch
    - Put Anywhere
    - Easy to Mount Wall Art
    - Includes Effect Sticker, Mounting Hardware, Ball
    - Choose From Soccer, Baseball, Basketball
    - Approx. Ball Size 1.5in x 3.5in Diameter

    Existing reviews
    Not as large as it appears
    I bought this for my grandson's room. In the ad, I thought it looked about the size of a kid's head. It is actually very small, about the size of an adult fist. Perhaps the measurements were in the description, I didn't see them if they were and foolishly just went by the apparent pic. That said, it is a cute little thing and I think he'll like it.
    LAURA | 5/5/2019 11:00 PM
    great night light
    my grandson loves it. its a little small though
    LYNN | 2/8/2019 10:00 PM

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    Click to read about our staffWhether you have a budding soccer, baseball, or basketball star; your kid is going to love these fun nightlight decorations! In fact, any sports fan can appreciate the innovative 3-Dimensional quality of these sports balls.

    Each ball looks as though it has been thrown "through" the wall with this 3D crack effect. Flick the switch, and an LED lights up the ball turning it into really cool nightlight. Check our site for the pictures of them all in the dark.

    The best part: it won't damage your walls! The 3D effect is achieved with a high-quality, see-through sticker. You then put the included hook right on the sticker - no nails, screws, or holes in your wall!

    It's battery operated, so you don't have to worry about unsightly cords or finding an extra outlet. For safety, the LED light means it never gets hot to the touch.

    It looks great during the day, but it truly is a stunning nightlight. When you turn it on, there's an automatic shutoff after 1 hour to preserve battery life.

    Please note that these are the mini-sized nightlights. All are about the size of a regular baseball, but taking up less room means you can mount them anywhere. They're the perfect addition to any kids room, play area, classroom, gym, or even the man cave!

    This was a last-minute closeout deal on these lights that used to sell for $20 each. This will sell out! Get your order in for your kid, loved one, stocking stuffer, or yourself before they're gone!

    When you visit the page, you'll also notice that we still have a few official Star Wars versions too, including the Death Star and a Stormtrooper that light up and burst through the wall just like these. We have even less stock of those, so just wanted to mention them!

    Features & Benefits:
    - 3D Wall Decoration
    - Stay-Cool LED Nightlight
    - Simply Touch to Light Up
    - No Nails, Screws, Or Damage to Walls
    - Put Anywhere
    - Easy to Mount Wall Art
    - 60 Minute Automatic Shutoff
    - Includes Effect Sticker, Mounting Hardware, Ball
    - Choose From Soccer, Baseball, Basketball
    - Approx. Ball Size 1.5in x 3.5in Diameter


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