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Oh WOW! I did not expect this kind of service and trust in my honest complaint. I thought I was just venting. WOW! I don’t think that I have ever got this kind of amazing response in the past from any other vendor _ ___ EVER!! Not that I’m a chronic complainer _ I am not!

Thank you Sandy for handling this complaint in a surprising and delightful way and thank you and Anisa for doing the right thing.....


- Dick B.

Hi Tammy, My name is James M. I wanted to write to you today to let you know that I am a frequent returning customer and today for the first time I received a broken item in the several years that I have been a customer. I called customer service and I was greeted by one of your customer service agents named SHERRY. Right away, she clearly announced her name and asked how she could help me. I told her my name and gave her the information she requested to help me with my issue. In quick and pleasant response, she was able to resolve the issue with my broken item and promised to ship out another item the next day. I was SO PLEASED AND RELIEVED to have the issue resolved that I wanted to convey a heartfelt "THANK YOU" to you and your staff! I look forward to many continued years of doing business with PulseTV!

- James M.

everyone is always so helpful and efficient any time she has called. Good job everyone!

- Pamela P.

Thank you and that is the type of Customer Service that will keep me shopping and buying from Pulse.

Dear Sandy, Thank you so much for sending another light, it arrived today. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate it . So often today people are quick to complain , and criticize, but forget to thank the good people , like you , and the staff at Pulse.Tv . I tell everyone that they can trust when they make a purchase from Pulse. Have a WONDERFUL week. Sincerely your,

- Jim C.

No, Tammy, THANK YOU!!!!

Most of the time when you call in to customer service, the person on the other end of the line is not the most pleasant, to put it mildly. Having someone like you with a positive and happy attitude is not only rare, but it also so very refreshing and very much appreciated! Pulse TV is beyond blessed to have you!

And thanks for the bonus! Talk about icing on the cake!

And you have a most wonderful weekend as well and thank you again!

- Jodi B.

Thanks So Much For Sending Me USB Cord For Pillow. I Appreciate Your Professionalism. Great Service Again Thank You.

- Gretha S.

Hello Tammy-

I just had to let you know of my wonderful Pulse TV experience by Mary Ann. She took the time to listen to my concern, walk me thru my options and resolve my order. Her phone voice was sincere and she was so helpful. It's rewarding to do business with a company that has trained their employees so well. Great job selecting Mary Ann.


- Bruce C.

Just to let management know that Monica was extremely friendly and very efficient and pleasant to deal with which in today workforce very impossible to find.

I received my order (in full) yesterday and as always, very pleased with everything and the timely delivery. This is one of the best companies I've ever ordered from. Thank you!

- Randi W.

PulseTV sells really neat things at a great discount. Many items are 50% lower than in the stores! Plus they have the best customer service out of any company I've shopped.

- Henry G.

PulseTV is the most amazing place to buy different goodies. I love PulseTV

I have a store front and buy a ton of product from pulse to fill my shelfs. Never disappointed for sure! Love this site!!!

- Greg R.

Hi Sandy,
I want to let you know that I got the replacement item on Saturday 12/19/20.
I want to thank you for the care and time you took to bring this issue to a happy resolution. It is your caring attitude that makes your company stand out from the rest of other online companies. let you supervisor be aware of this email and let it be reflected in your personnel file.
Thanks for your stellar customer service.
Your loyal customer

- Ramesh.

On my first order of 9 60SMD Utility lights, order # ... placed November 12, 2020 , two of the 9 were defective. I was in touch with Linda in Customer Service who graciously apologized and replaced both, then one of those was defective (dimmed). Linda graciously replaced that one and adviced she would have the light tested before shipping to avoid a continuing problem. There was a note in the package of the one I received today showing the item had been tested and in working order and it was. The majority of the lights orders are for gifts and several for neighbors who saw how bright the ones I owned from a previous order were during one of our hurricanes. Not only are the lights I received in good working condition and I am satisfied with the product, but I want to express my gratitude to Linda who took such good care of my requests in getting the last light tested as she promised but did so easily, without any hassle with the replacement request. It was all done in a courteous and efficient manner and I would like for her to know I am extremely pleased with her handling of my order. Thank you, she is an asset to your company.

- Milly S.

Always happy with products purchased from Pulse.
Great bargains. Never have a problem with your company, thanks for making a difference when buying on line.

Hello there I just wanted to tell you how much i love the company and my massaging chair cushion I am always in alot of pain with MS and Fibro, Shogrens, and Gad dispo disease for starters and this has helped me along with the chair item I sit on on the hard kitchen chair that gives a good posture or better one

I am so happy with your site, not too long on delivery oh and the cooling wrap I wear around my neck is stellar with MS to keep me cooled down and doubles as a face mask neat

- Mary O.

Thank you so very much I just wanted to let you guys know good job and in US even better!!

- Mary O.

God bless you all and stay safe

- Mary O.

been a loyal customer for 10 years. Especially at Christmas and birthday time. Best buy in batteries!!

I have been a customer of PULSE TV for more years than I can remember. I give them 5 stars because not only do they offer popular products at deeply discounted prices, but in the rare event of a necessary return, their customer service is excellent.

Your company offers the best assistance I have gotten. I order from you all the time. You all are the quickest to answer the phone and you have the best help. You all do a good job and I am quite happy with you.

Stay safe and healthy,

Everything good. Product is excellent and will purchase other items when I can.

Keep the team going. They have my support.

- Stanley

Thank you so much for taking the time to address this. My wife and I are very proud that she is a nurse, however it is very scary r now. we are both the high risk group. I can tell by your quick response and research that you really are concerned about your customers. I ran a business for 35 years before my cancer. The key to success is Honest, quick response when addressing the customers concerns. You guys did that! I will continue to recommend you to friends, family and colleagues.
thank you again
- SuperDave

Ive been ordering from PulseTV of and on for years and have always been completely satisfied with the products they sell, the prices Ive paid, the speed with which theyre delivered. This order I got at the time difficult to find face masks. Thanks for coming through and will see you again soon, no doubt!

This company is great. The price of the masks compared to other places was the best price and the delivery was just as they stated 3-5 days. I have tried to order from others before pulse and after a 3-4 week wait on something that was suppose to come in 5-7 days I just cancelled and got a credit. If you need masks or other items Pulse is the place to go.

i had occasion to speak with a representative today for the first time reguarding an order i placed. the representative was bree, and she was not only efficient and knowledgeable, but friendly and courteous as well. she represents your company well.
i have always been satisfied with the items i purchased from your site and appreciated the quick delivery times. today i enjoyed excellent customer service as well.

- elaine t.

Called to reorder items he liked so much from his last order. He asked that I pass on his appreciation to the people who do such a great job of packing orders and everyone who answers his calls are always so nice and helpful! He loves our stuff!!

- Esteban V.

just sending a shout out i love your products i've ordered the hand sanitizer and referred you to three other friends who have made a purchase. your products look good quality and great pricing thank you so much to your company and employees!!!

peggy r.

I am ever so pleased!! Great quality and good price. Fast service and the folks on the phone were ever so pleasant and helpful - I could see the smile on her face as she helped me. I will be back for more bargains and just to know what great folks ya'll are. Keep up the good work!! I am passing the word around about ya'll!!

- rosemary n.

Shopping with Pulse is so easy and fun you just can't wait for the next great offer to come by so you can purchase it!!! I love the ease of purchasing and the quality of the products!! The staff is exceptional and extremely accommodating with every order, and they keep you up to date with the status of your order!

- paul h.

Good Morning & Happy Monday

I have tried to see who this delightful customer is - but he only gave his first name Kevin and was not calling from the number he used when ordering.

He just wanted us to know how much he loves PULSETV! He loves the KN95 masks - how QUICKLY he got them - how nice it is to be able to count on us & keep up good work!!

I just wanted to take the time to thank your company for the fast service delivering the products I ordered.

I was not sure of receiving my products and am comfortable purchasing product from your company. Great variety of merchandise.

Stay healthy and safe.


"I have used Pulse TV for years and recommended it to friends all over the country. I use it mostly for Christmas. We have family stretched all over the west. We have a strict rule that you cannot spend more than $20 for a present and you must look for things that our kids would not buy for themselves. So when I see off the wall stuff, I buy it and stash it in the closet. When I get to Christmas, I am done shopping."

- John

Hey Tammy,
Just a note re Sandy;
Problem with my order (shipping) & Sandy took immediate care of it. No haggling, no whinning, you didn't read the contract, you didn't comb your hair properly etc etc. It's nice & rare, on the customer end to have a Rep "just take care of it." Have a nice day!

- Joe

no question just want to say how great your company is and your online chat is the best I have ever dealt with. you only get rated by 5 stars I thimk you deserve 20 stars

- Dave

The story behind this product [9106A] and the PulseTv management team that brought it to market are shining examples of why Capitalism works when other systems fail time and time again! Great Product, Great Company!

- Jason

i have a large number of relatives in poland where there is nothing to keep them safe from the virus. i just sent out bottles of the sanitizer and masks for them. thank you for providing this wonderful product at a reasonable cost. i could not have done this without your company.

thank you and god's blessings for all of your crew at pulse tv.

- Sharon

Have enjoyed all items that I've ordered from you. It's very nice to hear back from folks where you spend money at. You can tell the sincerity of your employees and yourself. With what's going on in the world and here in the states...showing that you care means so much. I look at your specials daily so have no worries, you have a customer for life here at this house. I'll keep you and your folks there in my thoughts and prayers. Like you told me...stay safe, and be well, God bless and keep your faith during this ever growing crisis.
Warm Regards,
- Larry

Sandy, Thank you, thank you. In this day and time you rarely get the "customer service" that you have just given. You are a true asset to Pulse TV. And I am more firmly a customer simply because I now have more of an inside understanding of the type of company Pulse TV is --because the company is nothing more than the personnel of the company. And that amounts to an A+ for Pulse as far as I'm concerned. Thanks Again.
- John B.

Just got package. Wanted to thank you for all your trouble

I will brag about your service and the products ... where applicable ... thank you !
- W. Kent. C

In my opinion you live right up to your motto/slogan "Real People, Real Deals", I like that.
- Ronald Wood F.

I'm familiar with PulseTV as they continue to support organizations like TPFD which I retired from 3+ years ago. Your products are good quality, great prices and fast delivery. Very happy to purchase products through your company.


Thank you so much for your "going the extra mile" efforts! One of the many reasons I choose Pulse and will continue to do so.

Best Regards,

- Charles "Mike" O.

The product is very good. The first order arrived with the lantern unable to turn off. One call to Pulse resulted in a second set being sent immediately. Because it was tightly packaged in plastic the Pulse rep. opened it, checked for its service and taped it back....a note accompanied the order explaining this. I consider this exemplary customer service and what I have come to expect from the entire staff. Thank you!

Hi, there.

I have to tell you that all the varieties of lights I've bought from you became multiple blessings as power was shut down to 800,000 power users in California as an experiment to avoid the fires that were started and raged in record breaking fashion these past few years. The idea has been for our power company to shut off power during windy, dry days, to preempt the catastrophes that arose from trees falling on power lines and starting these devastating fire storms. We were able to find our way around the house, and outside the house thanks to the light you're advertising on this page and other types of lights from Pulse TV. I have four of these and they were all put to use, as well as the others I've bought from you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

- Art

I've been their customer for like 20 years. I've ordered like one item EVERY MONTH.for 20 years. I've returned a very few, no problem with refunds. I've called them couple times to combine orders into one only shipment, no problem. Once I drove out to pick up a heavy item, no problem. Well except I didn't know their warehouse was a few blocks away from their office. NO PROBLEM; Perhaps they should change their name to "NO PROBLEM" or "NO WORRIES". 5 STARS -- NO -- 7 MINIMUM! Tocar

hi! i have placed any number of orders with you over the last years and in fact, received 2 big boxes today and then made another order a few minutes ago. i wanted to take a minute to thank you all for being just the nicest folks to deal with and always being so prompt with orders. no one could ever ask for more - and obviously so since i keep coming back :)

and so, from me to you, a giant thank you and even a good old hug,
- Jennifer D.

I want to express my surprise and delight in the way you handled my recent purchase. I received the product as it did not meet my expectations as the performance was not what was promised.

The representative I spoke with regarding my problem was very professional and very gracious.

I am so impressed. Although I can enjoy the discount of your products, your service has shown to be prime.

I regret I did not obtain the name of the pleasant lady who served me, but I would hope your records reflect her identity. Please express my appreciation to an employee of this caliber.

A loyal customer.

- Donna Jean G.


Thank you so much... I am happy to know the other items are on their way.

Items are fun, but the communication and personal help are the core of why I love PulseTV. It's the people!

Blessings to you in this amazing week! And Thanks again!

- Kay

Hi Don,

Wow... thanks so much for your kind words... I will pass it on to them.

Certainly being a small family run company makes it hard to compete with Amazon but the way we can is via our excellent customer service.

I am happy you have noticed this and thank you so much for your support.

- Anisa

Kim from customer service reached out to me after reading my first review. She is giving me a credit for the item not working upon my receiving it. How awesome is that, a company with real customer service that cares about their customers. I will continue to buy from pulsetv especially now knowing they have my back. A big shout out to Kim, thank you!!

I am a repeat customer and look forward to the next great deal. Always happy with my purchase keep up the good work. Satisfied customer from Goshen OH.

When I receive my shipment, had a problem, I sent a email, and got a reply back. They sent me another shipment at no cost to me, which may me happy. And I will continue to purchase item from them and be a happy Customer. Thank you PulseTv.

I had to pass on a customer's compliment on how easy it is to navigate our site likes our products too! Saundra says she dislikes Amazon - it runs her around too much! So keep up the good work!!

Burton GilliamThank you for your friendship. I can see that friendship runs rampant throughout Pulsetv.com. Congrats!
- Burton Gilliam



"This is a very reputable company. The first time they shipped my order, I never received it. I just notified customer service and they reshipped my order immediately. I just received it today. I recommend PulseTV. I will shop with them again. Thank you."

I am very happy with your company. I enjoy browsing your site most evenings it is very enjoyable exploring the variety of merchandise. Many hard to find things I need and gadgets that make my life easier, comfortable and fun! I particularly like the demo videos from Anisa and Zack and feel good about dealing with a u.s based company and in house staff (American jobs). All my orders ship prompt and correct every time. Will Do my best to tell others about your site. Thank you very much!

- Eric R.

Just want to congratulate you on your anniversaire. You have started small and thru your hard work, have built this (most likely) very profitable business. Love your friendly face on your E-mails. you look very friendly and probably fun to be with. I am an old guy of 72 years and have a daughter probably your age who has been very succesfull also. Good luck an keep on trucking.

- Jacques M.

I love all the products I have purchased from Pulse. All products were what you said they would be. I am pleased with timely arrival of purchased products and the friendly atmosphere when showing how certain products work.

Have a good day and thank you!

- Mary Lou D.

Had problem with one [bucket] originally purchased. It was replaced at no cost and with no hassle. Super customer service. Highly recommended.

Ive been ordering products for a few years, now. Ive had no problems with any order. Ive informed many of my friends about Pulsetv. Ill be ordering many more products in the coming years, also.
- Sharon, CA

Just wanted to let you know what AWESOME customer service you have. Replies were prompt, less then two business days. Keep up the good work

Thank you
- Larry

My first review was poor as I had a defective light. The seller contacted me and immediately replaced the light, free of charge. Both the light and service are five stars. Thank you.

I just wanted to send you kudos, I've ordered a few items from your site, and I have to say that I have been pleased with every purchase. I particularly appreciate the variety, prices and the rotation of stock; keep up the good work, and keep it random.
- Eric M.

You folks are the best if I ever retire I am going to apply for part time job with you. I hope you all become millionaires
- Dave H.

Thank you so much. I like your products but even more I like your excellent customer service.
- Martin H.

Because of your prices on clearance items and PayPal access I was able to get Christmas gifts for my family. Thank you so much.
- Jana J.

Just as a side note, I've seen a photograph of the employees at Pulsetv and I am happy to see so many happy people TO BE JUST WORKING AND PROBABLY GLAD THEY HAVE A JOB---------IT IS SO REFRESHING TO SEE THAT IN THESE TIMES OF HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT.

- Jim

I have been doing business with you folks for some years even when it was a one woman operation. I have always been impressed by the wonderful way you treat your customers even if I have had to return something that didn't work out for me. I wish all companies I do business with operated like your company does. I recommend your company to everyone I can. Keep up the good work. We Love you guys AND GALS. 5 Stars, First Class!!!
- Mike

I appreciate you folks there in Tinley Park. As I always say when referring to Anisa's gang up there,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

"In Today's Business World, You folks at PulseTV are Petunias In An Onion Patch"

- Bob

Howdy all you wonderful people in the group picture. I'm the soon-to-be 79yr old Greatgrandpa US Army DAV/7yrs/'50s who uses your WiFi antenna off my neighbor. It really works well and someone sent me a backup CD because I misplaced the orig one. Thank you all very much for your wonderful service. I always tell my friends about your site and thanks again. I'll be 79 on Sept 16, 2015 and never thought I'd make it. However, my wife of 53yrs and I have 3daughters(w/husbands)7 grands/2/greats.
- Buford P.

THANKS for all your efforts to keep this customer HAPPY.
Please relay my satisfaction to your boss...........
You went beyond "standard" customer servicing; most would have offered to refund right away...but I wanted this product and you knew it! You are the BEST!
Thanks again.
- Roland

I've been telling everyone that I know about your company and ONLY because I think that it's worth looking into. I'm hoping that some of those people have ordered from you by this time. I won't stop reminding others. I really like you AND Zack (but I feel that I know each of you just by ordering items from you. GREAT: PRESENTATION -- EXPLANATIONS, ETC.

Just thought that it would be nice to let you know how much your company is liked. I'll just continue ordering whatever it is that I think looks good. Haven't been disappointed yet and I have a feeling that I never will be.
- Marilyn M.

Thanks so much for the update. I believe all has been done that can be done. The replacement unit continues to function well. I really appreciate your help. You guys are great to work with. Keep the emails coming. : )
- Jim

Thank you so much for the email. It does make me know that I am dealing with a really good company who takes times to communicate with their customers.
- Mary P.

"In Today's Business World, You folks at PulseTV are Petunias In An Onion Patch"
- Bob W.

Thank you for letting me know; it's always a relief to do business with people who bring this kind of assurance! I ordered something else from you yesterday. I am impressed with what you offer and your consistency/communication.
- Meri

Dear Pulse TV .. I just want to commend and thank you for the business you run and the way you advertise and fair pricing. In a time when slick advertising and selling products that often disappoint, you guys are breath of fresh air. Your e-mails always have great subject hook lines that pull me in. Your videos are so to the point and give all the important aspects of the product. You never hesitate to point out any flaws or things that might have been done better. Your honesty excels :) TY!
- Mark S.H.

I have been a customer for quite a few years. I feel like I know some of you! What an awesome co. I love that you have a video for everyone of your products. I have ordered many times and never have been disappointed. I have gotten things that I have never found anywhere else. I look forward to your emails, never knowing what new innovative item you will feature.
Thanks, I am one very satisfied customer!

Rachel, I just want to say that dealing with your company is always a pleasure, especially with such great service as you have provided! Tell your boss that I said to give you a huge raise!
Thanks so much again!
- Deb A.

I just wanted to say thanks for exchanging the Scorpion Drone we got for my son for Christmas. I must admit , I was skeptical as to whether anything would be done about it. I had never heard of Pule TV.com....and I figured we were just out of luck. Your customer service far outshined my expectations! I appreciate very much your efforts in resolving this. I realize you are just selling products that you get from many vendors....but you stood behind your sale, and you provided great customer care
- Michael G.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and satisfaction in doing business with you and will continue to do so!! You all are FANTASTIC and it feels like family, which I have a very high regard for. All of you can be proud of your business, you all care and it "shows"!! I'd like to wish each and everyone of you (I know who you are, I read your profiles...:) ) a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY, PROSPEROUS, HEALTHY and FULFILLING NEW YEAR!!! XOXO!
- Sincerely, Kathy

I just recently discovered PulseTV and am thrilled. You carry items that are very needed or desired. AND your prices are incredible. Deliver time is fastest I have experienced. Yea !
- Gordon O.

Just want to say I am extremely satisfied with all the products I have thus far purchased from you, the prices are Amazing and the arrival time is great !! Its a pleasure doing business with you, cant wait to see what you have next !!! Im addicted,,lol,,Happy holidays !!
- Stephen S.

We received the pet warming mat yesterday and already it's Rusty's favorite sleeping place.
- Bob F.

Thank you so much for looking into the missing part. Yes I see the piece in my kit. It is a gift for my grandson for Christmas so I want to make sure everything was in order so he would not be disappointed and it would have been to later for a return.

I have been very impressed with your handling of this situation. I was afraid I was going to be stuck with a toy that was no good. I will not be afraid to order from you company again in the future.

- Barbara J S

Dear Pulse Returns Department
Thank you for your good service
and honest treatment of customers.
The recorder is a good idea, but
I couldn't get it to work, and it seems
too complicated to work anyway. Just
a thought for the future.

I had ordered a pair of your Cree flashlights and one quit working after your 60 day warranty but Pulse decided to replace it anyway. I mailed it back in and got a replacement quickly. Thank you - great service is hard to come by these days, but you folks have it figured out. Thanks!
- Tim

Hi Tammy, I wanted to take time to email you and let you know how much I appreciated all of the help, with great customer service, that one of your employees, Amber gave me!

Originally, I had wanted to return an item due to a defect in the lid. Amber was very nice to offer a solution for me instead of returning the item. Unfortunately, I had decided to go ahead and return this and get a refund. Amber was kind enough to email me the return label. Shortly after this, I went through some medical issues and did not follow through with the return. Amber followed up with me through email, which I greatly appreciated. Because of her friendliness and great customer she had given me, I decided to see if I could go ahead and now keep the item, but, just replace the lid as Amber had originally suggested. Amber had to do some research, because of the item being discontinued, and was able to locate a perfect lid for me!

I feel very strongly about great customer service when I see it and Amber displayed this perfectly! I wanted you to be aware of her using great customer service with me and was able to save the product from being returned. I will definitely return as a buyer. Please recognize Amber for her accomplishments, which are well deserved! Thank you!
- Stephanie F.

Mary W. is very happy with PulseTV!
Everyone from customer service to the warehouse is doing a great job.
Products looks great and got there quickly
We are 1 of few companies that ship everything in 1pkg with no extra shipping and handling charges.
She is going to pass that information along to everyone she knows.

Most people call when something is wrong; She wanted to take the time to let us know everything is right

Good job everyone.

Evelyn D. long time customer wants us all to know she appreciates us and our products.
Everyone she has ever dealt with is very professional and gives a lot of themselves to help.
PulseTV is an Great Company with excellent customer service!

Kerbi, you are an angel in disguise. but I have known pulsetv.com and others in the group and I know those teams are on TOP of ALL others that are out there. I am delighted with your group and by the way ..... I am in love with Gopher Central but don't tell anyone. LOL Thank you AGAIN for ALL your help and ALL THAT YOU PEOPLE do. What a great invention you have there with such awesome people.
Thanks for being there for us.
- Ri A.

Thank you Ashley ...

The address is mine and so is the amazement that I have for your assistance. I hope your boss is thrilled to have an employee that takes such good care of your customers. I will not hesitate to order more of your really neat items!
Thanks again
- Bob H.

I had the opportunity to speak w/ Ashley in customer service.

I wanted to commend you, your company and Ashley for the courteous and professional way in which you have given my order attention. Thank you for the attention to detail.

In the last year of selling online eCommerce products I have never had a company reach out to me. I am so impressed that I am even more endeared to your company than I was prior to placing the order.

- Brenda R

Pulse stands by their word every time.Great company to do bushiness with. Pleasure dealing with their staff.

You truly are a class operation, and I will be back and I will forward your offers to my friends.
- Robert

Hi Amber,

It's my pleasure, I know your employees probably don't hear the positive feedback enough. I've been buying items from your company for several years and have never been disappointed. I love getting good deals on items so I usually do my homework when I'm interested in something you have to offer -- since we have an unlimited amount of info available via the internet, I check your prices against what's available elsewhere online and you almost always come out the winner! I'll say it again, keep up the great work!
Have a blessed day,
- Kevin

The #1 reason I had NO HESITATION about placing an order with you, is because you are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, and are an ACCREDITED COMPANY with them.

That's good enough for me!

I look forward to placing additional orders with you, in the future.

Your e-mails to me will NEVER AGAIN be in my "junk mail" folders!

Thanks for contacting me with your offers!

- Fred T. B.

Dear Team Pulse/KBS,
My friend, Chris, has been forwarding me newsletters with the wackiest products - last week, it was a color changing LED candle. Today, a disco bulb. Naturally curious, I went over to your Web site and read the "About Us" section with interest. What a great story you have, I was very charmed by it. You must have a riot every day at work! No need to reply, just wanted to send some sunshine. Take care!

Enjoy the day
- Earl Gene B.



Thanks, Kerbi!
Sounds like you folks are really "on the ball" when it comes to customer service and standing by your products. I will look forward to the new wallet, and feel more secure in all my future purchases. Thanks for your professional approach and for being you!

On 7/21/14 I called to report a mesh screen I ordered had broken. Within minutes, make that seconds, the woman in customer service handled my situation professionally, patiently and courtesy. Most important, no hassle. You guys are A1.

Harvey H:
OK, that explains the message. Thanks a lot !!
No problem. Is there anything else I can help you with today?
Harvey H:
No, thanks for your help in resolving my question. Great response time to this chat and very good customer service. I'm impressed. Bye ...

Thank you. Your prompt response encourages me to share that with others. As a business owner I know that a little investment in quick and courteous customer service brings rewards. So few businesses seem to care anymore, so will definitely "tell all my friends". Again, thank you.
- Valerie K.

Thank you Ashley. It was a pleasure dealing with you. Please pass this comment on to your management to put in your personnel file for recognition of your great customer service.
- Robert J. M.

You are the best retail site that I have found online. I enjoy your fast shipments and all around way of doing business. I have enjoyed ordering from you.

I have placed several orders with you guys and can honestly say I have been very satisfied with everything I've received so far. BUT I recently ordered the micro-fiber sheets and can not believe how fabulous they are. They are like sleeping on warm silk. I thought at first there would be some draw backs with them because of the LOW cost, but no, and they even came with 4 pillow cases! per set. (I ordered 2 and am SO glad I did.) Keep those stellar products coming!
From a very HAPPY customer
- Barbara H

Hi Rachel S.
Thank you for your prompt response.
I would like to congratulate you and Pulse TV for your excellent customer service. Many companies now a day are lacking on their responsiveness to their customers requirements.
- Efrain R. B.

Hi Rachael,
Thank you very much for you really fast response and sending me a replacement charger, such great customer service. Will do more business with Pulse TV.
- Larry

Thank you Kerbi, I really appreciate the time and trouble you went through to put my order through, you are a great customer service agent and you should show this e mail to your supervisor so they know how lucky they are to have you and how much customers appreciate talking to a pleasant, helpful person.
Thank You
- Audrey M.

thanks ,fast service,yourrrrrr ggrrreaaatt !!
- Jean H.

You are very efficient Kerbi - and I appreciate anyone who has this talent - thank you

WOW! Thank you! My friends thought you would say 'it couldn't be changed', I told them I always had good service from you, and I was confident something would be done. Now I can brag!
Thank you,
- Paul

Dear Ashley,
I received the replacement flashlights in the mail a couple of days ago. I just wanted to let you know they were received this time and were in fine shape. I thank you for your assistance and Pulsetv for their great customer service. Best of luck in the future.
- G. M. D

Just wanted to say I am glad I found you guys. Great job with the videos and showing "how things work" Its appreciated.
- Robin, IN

You have the best customer service people of any company with which I have dealt. And, there is no annoying "menu" to go through before I get a "live person". Many thanks to all of you for your courtesy and efficiency.
- Anthony, NV

JUST A BIG BIG THANK YOU TO THE WHOLE GANG for their courtesy, problem solving, services & products. Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy buying from you.
Best regards to all,
- Mary W.

Good morning Tammy,
What a nice surprise and gesture on your part, I truly did not expect it, but I certainly appreciate it. I only wanted to help you attain and maintain product accuracy! I always sensed that PulseTV was a family owned and run company because you come across very genuine and sincere in your product promotional video presentations. Zack for instance, mentioned in the video demonstration on the flashlight that it says it is water proof, BUT he suggested that it is only water resistant because of the sliding head to adjust focus, and in that area it would be difficult to make it "water proof". How honest and great is that, and that is but one example of many I can cite. Thank you all very much again and keep up the good work.
Have a wonderful week.
- John

Thank's so much for handling today's drama for me! I was pleased (as well as a little stunned) to have this issue dealt with in such a rapid and painless manner. Thank you for reminding me what true customer service feels like!
- Dana

I must say you guys are great to do business with. I did receive my refund and want to thank you for your prompt attention… I will certainly stay your customer.

- Brigitte

Thanks so much, appreciate the fantastic customer service I encounter each and every time I shop Pulse TV (which lately with all the deals happens A LOT!). I will remember to access via VIP/Elite buyers to access website from now on.

Have a great day.
- Cindy


Yes, thanks. Ashley was extremely helpful and refreshingly responsive and professional I'm so happy to find a company that appreciates its customers.

Warm Regards,
- Dan

Nice note, Rachel - represents good customer service, a commodity lacking today. Thanks and I look forward to doing more business with PulseTV.

- Virginia O

Thank you so much for you VERY prompt correction to the mistake I made in my address. This is my first order from you, and I am very impressed!!. If your products are as good as your service, I will be ordering from you again.
Again, thank you for your prompt service!!

- Janet B

I just want to say I love this site and the people and service are wonderful.

- Pauline

Guys! You are the GREATEST! I've ordered from you a couple of times and am so pleased with not only the prices, the quality but also the personal touch you give us with the videos, the home-grown feel of your company. There are so many other great pretenders but you're the real deal. You can quote me! Look forward to doing business with you forever.
- Lane C, FL

Keep up the good work. I love shopping with you guys. Amber is super, as is everyone I've dealt with. Good products, good shopping experience, quick and courteous service. You'll give Ebay and Amazon a run for the money. Thanks!
- Michael J. M

I have ordered from you 4 times - all products were as described - not cheap imitations. I live in Quebec, Canada and the delivery was awesome - thank you for such a service and keep going - it's fantastic!
- Jean

Communication is a very important part of selling.. Yours is "outstanding" and why I keep coming back..
- Faz

Thank you so much. I'm happy that Pulse TV takes customer satisfaction so seriously.
- A.E.D.

WOW!!! I am impressed! I really appreciate you doing this. Very few companies even respond to emails, but you went above and beyond. I will remain a customer and spread the word to friends.

Thank you.
- Brenda M

Carol A. called about a tracking number and wanted me to know that she loved Paula. This was her review.
Triple A Service
Answered Questions w/out fluster, annoyance.
Was very happy throughout the conversation.

Says the women we have working in the office are amazing to her.

Ashley I thank you so much. It is very rare to get such good service from a company. Please pass on my thanks to your boss and everybody there because I always get such good support......always!
Happy Holidays and stay warm!!
Warm Regards,
- Peggy B

Thanks Ashley for your quick reply ! ! ! Based on the information you supplied, I will order one today ! ! ! BTW, I received my order of Hydro Rugs and they look great . . . I'll be trying them out over the weekend ! ! ! Hope you and everyone there has a great and safe Thanksgiving Day and weekend ! ! !
- Jerry

Attn Rachel,

The reply and concern is what makes your organization special.. Keep it up

The products are fine but the concern for the clients welfare is very evident,,
- Faz

Ashley -
Got the pan - Second time was the charm - Liked it so much, I just ordered 2 more! Show this to your boss - your excellent customer service resulted in additional business! I appreciate you - Happy Thanksgiving!
- Mark T

Hello Ashley,
Thanks so much for your good customer service and communication regarding my order. I received my order today, Tuesday, 11,19. Please disregard my previous post as I will be pleased to continue to purchase from your company and will refer your company to my friends. Your cool items and pricing is great. And your response to my concern was perfect customer service. Thanks again Ashley. Of course I will not post any bad reviews for your company web site. You took care of that by your communication to me and delivered your product. Sorry for the rant. I'll look foreword to purchasing with you.
Best regards,
- Cary T

I just got my order. I LOVE my electric salt & pepper mills! Thanks again. Louise the delivery is quite fast,also

It is such a pleasure dealing with your company. Great prices and products of course, but your quick answers when there is a problem are amazing. Your honesty in your descriptons of products let me know that I can trust in what I am buying. I could go on but just say fun dealing with you. Thank You
- June O. H.

Hi Rachael. I wanted to let you know that the lights collars did arrive promptly as you said they would and I did receive the credit as well. Thank you again for your excellent customer service and I will definitely be looking for additional products on pulsetv thanks in large part on your responsiveness with my last purchase.
Enjoy your day.
- Barb

Thank you Rachel, This is the type of customer service that defines a company in my opinion.

Thank you Ashley. I will certainly recommend pulse TV and its product as being an honest and customer service centered company.
- Ned

These collars are great for those of us who walk in the dark. Also your customer service was superb, you sent a replacement quickly for the first one that had dead batteries.
- Ted

You're the best!
Just wanted to tell you how much I love your company and the products you promote! I've been telling everyone I know about you. Thank you!

-Elena P.

Thanks for your prompt, courteous and accurate assistance.

I wish more were like you folks!

- Geoff C.

Thanks so much. Your business and Customer Service is Wonderful!! I truly can say that sadly you are a dying breed, unfortunately.

I wish more Company's had your excellent and Prompt Customer Service!!

Thank you so very much,
- Louis

Dear Tammy:

I would like to comment as to your being a consummate professional and
asset to Pulsetv.com.

I was ready to return the cordless porch light without even trying it as I
have had a back injury and not able to hang it yet and your positive
comments about the light. Thank you for the extension until September

Thank you for your exemplary service and kindness.
- Wanda C.

Thank you so much. Great customer service!

- Robert G

Thanks again for getting back to me so quickly. I really appreciate your assistance and communication. I don't want this to sound corny, but you represent your company extremely well. They're lucky to have you!

Thanks again

- Linda

Your site has some great products that looked too good to be true but they aren't! Great quality, great prices and quick shipping. I am impressed and will come back here often! Thanks for such an excellent site!
- Toni P.

Again ... thank you for asking ... another example of "Pulse TV Cares" about its customers!
- Gordon P.

that's why I keep coming back to your site to order...you are all so kind and efficient...

Have a great week..
- Howard

I have been trying to find a place I can click into to tell you how WONDERFUL your "service" is. Until you came up in my e-mail, I was paying 4 x's as much for Green Coffee, Raspberry Ketone, and Garcinia Cambogia. At first I thought it must surely be that there was much less dosage or less product. But no, there was as much product for 1/4 the price. All I can say now is - WOW! And Thank You!
- Sharon C

I have enjoyed "discovering" your company and actively ordering from you. The products are excellent and exactly as advertised, and the prices are astonishingly low. Your online videos explaining the products give a welcome amount of information.

So thank you for being what you advertise, a company of integrity, efficiency, and colossal bargains!!

Dear Folks,

When placing the order, I did not see a notification of back-order. Some time passed and I felt something was off so I called the customer service number. This was an experience not to be forgotten.

What I wasn't expecting was the demeanor of the sweetheart in Chicago spoken with. Although her name I cannot recall at this very moment, how she handled the conversation and issue at hand was nothing short of awesome. The dear woman not only listened to me, but talked with me, not to or at me. She went beyond merely covering the business aspect, we had a nice little talk. This, kids, wins major brownie points . . . dealing with a respectful and kind person on the other side of the line.

Sure, she put things into perspective and calmly took control, but this email entry the reply is sent on definitely cements my business with you as a whole. Yes, I have done a bit of commerce with you and will undoubtedly continue to do so. You kids are great ;)

Oh but too often, the business world can be rough, cold and impersonal. Wanna blow her mind? . . . scope the incoming call on April 18th @ 4:09pm from the cell number ***-***-****. Walk up to the fine woman (who responded), literally pat her on the back and tell her,"Mike says well done, Weedhopper!". Heck, if you think about it, just forward this to her set. Anywho, think of it like this . . . . a warm fuzzy in one's day never caused any harm, let her feel appreciated.

Thanks for your time.


Michael E B


Thank you so much for your great personal relations.
My grandson is thrilled to get the replacement you sent.

Sincerely - Elaine

Just a note to tell all of you i enjoy using pulsetv.com to buy all of my needed and wanted items. i tell everyone about this and i am happy to tell you most of them already are enjoying your services. keep up the great attitudes and keep those great items coming....you guys rock!!!!
- Carol

Thank YOU, Cheryl, for EXCELLENT customer service. No I was not told that the item was out of stock and yes I do understand about "business days" - AND your taking time to explain is very much appreciated. It's a pleasure doing business with you and PulseTV. Have a blessed day.
- Joyce C.

Several weeks ago I purchased a Tabloid, IPad, IPhone, and Android Accessory Kit from Pulse TV. Everything arrived in good condition, except the wall outlet charger for the IPad was not working properly -- it would not charge our IPad. The charger for the car worked perfectly, so I knew the issue was not one of incompatibility. I called Pulse TV and informed someone of my concern. They gladly volunteered to send out another wall charger.

I tested the new charger and unfortunately, it too, did not work. I called Pulse TV for the second time and informed the Pulse TV representative of the situation. I was asked what I wanted to do. I responded that I just wanted to get a wall outlet charger that would work. I suggested that maybe they had another type of charger for an IPad, and if there was any added cost, I would be glad to make up the difference.

I was sent another type of charger at no cost to me. This one did the trick, it worked perfectly.

I want to thank Pulse TV's employees for working with me to resolve my problem. This is an example of outstanding customer service. Not only was I completely satisfied with the outcome, but I could not have been treated in a friendlier, more respectful manner.

Kudos to your customer service team. They went above and beyond what was required of them to make sure I, the customer, was satisfied.


- Charles P.

Thanks, Tammy! I've always had good experiences in my orders with your company. Great customer service is definitely one of your strengths.
- Pam T.

Thanks to you both. Your customer service is awesome.
- Pam T.

not a big deal. I was curious. What IS a big deal is the fact that you replied to my question at all and processed mu return so quickly and courteously. Although i was disapointed with the flashlights, your swift and courteous treatment will ensure that i will be a returning customer.

These days, this is a refreshing surprise!
- Mike R.


- MK.

Like Frosted Flakes, these people are grrrrrrrreat!
- Talia M.

You know, in this impersonal day and age, I appreciate so much when I find excellent customer service - especially on line - and that makes me loyal in my business and in word of mouth - you guys are really doing it right!
- Carol O.

ILLINOIS -- I recently received two Avatar Droid remote control helicopters as a Christmas gift for my two sons. Both helicopters did not operate properly out of the box. Although we were over a month beyond the refund period, PulseTv customer service immediately offered to replace the helicopters or issue a refund. The customer service department was very responsive and user friendly.

I probably wouldn't buy that specific product again but I would certainly use PulseTv to shop for other things. Great job by Kerbi!
- Joe G.

Pulse TV Returns Dept,
I received my replacement flashlight yesterday...thank you very much for that and your statusing communications throughout. You have excellent customer service.
- Jim D.

Thank you so much for your site. I love it. The prices are so great. I love the things you have. I was so shocked when I saw the Moody Blue's DVD plus the bonus it was only $9.91. Then after searching I found the fuzzy Like PJ'S I am always so cold. I am also impressed about the supplments for weight loss. I don't have that much to lose but I want to make sure my weight keeps down because I am a diabetic.

I just had to tell you thank you all for your site.
- Beverly Z.

Most items are Terrific!
You have a very efficient and personable crew.

Thank You
- Lynda.

Merry christmas! And thankyou for the best service ever! I bought Christmas presents at your website and had them shipped to my Christmas destination and they arrived as promised, on time, in time for Christmas! You guys rock! And your prices are super too!

Happy Holidays!
- Jennifer M E

Thank you very much. I really appreciate the quick response. I haven't had to return anything up to now, but, this experience makes me feel even better about purchasing from your site. Thank you.
Kind Regards,
- Phyllis P.

Hi -
I'm throwing away all my catalogs - I've got you guys now. Thank you
- mg

thank you for the very fair and considerate way that you handled my problem. Customer service, such as you provided to me, is rare in today's impersonal marketplace. I will not hesitate to order from Pulse in the future.
- Richard R.

I thank you very much--I am very please with your company and customer service. Thanks for your prompt response.
- Jim G.

Thank you so much I received the pen. That is great customer service. Will reccommend to others.
Thank you
- Lucy Z.

I just had to say that while I did get a bum lighter to begine with, example coil was off center then it fried. Your people are really good. Shipped a replacement real quick.... Have used about a week. Still works perfect. I rate it 5 stars! I like it. Thanks......Chuck
- Charles W.

Thank you very much for your initiative and your excellent customer focus.
It's not often that I run into someone with such a healthy sense of fairness and customer focus. I admire it and appreciate it. I'm always impressed when someone goes the extra mile for a customer and to establish a relationship. In my company I coined the phrase, "Excellence+1". It was what I taught all my employees. Our job was to "wow" every customer and then figure out how to do something more and better, that the customer would never expect, so that they would remember the positive experience and look forward to doing business with us again...real soon.
You've demonstrated Excellence+1!
Congratulations and thanks!
- carlo

I received the replacement light and it works.
Thanks for the prompt service.
- Allen.

Thx for rapid response. U guys are the greatest!
- Dallas B.

Thanks! (This comes as a surprise, and you have in me, now, a recommitted and happy customer!)
- Robert H.

No problem, and thank you so very much for your customer service! Very refreshing.
- Jackie

Your company has terrific integrity, I will continue doing business with you.
- William R.


Just wanted to write and tell you that I am so very pleased by the service given me by your customer service representative, Rachel Jones, today. She was not only professional in her business acumen but on a personal note, a genuinely pleasant person to talk to and deal with. I was confused about how to obtain my order and getting my free shipping option from the Shipping for Free company, and ended up making duplicate orders from your company. She not only gave me the phone number of the other company to get information from them, but patiently helped me after I called back a couple of times to get further instruction and to cancel one of the orders. It could have ended up being a very frustrating and embarrassing experience for me, but instead was a pleasantly surprising good shopping experience. In addition, she gave me the courtesy of an e-mail confirming her efficient handling of the cancellation of my extra order. Needless to say, if this is an example of how easy and nice it is to shop with your company, I will not hesitate to shop again, nor will I have any problem spreading the news to my family and friends about having great shopping experiences with Pulse TV. Rachel is certainly to be commended for showing her value and appreciation of good customer service, and serving as a great ambassador for your company.

Cyndi S.

Thank you for your prompt attention and response to this situation. Your professionalism and willingness to address the issue are noteworthy.

I appreciate the refund and also you correcting my information in your system.

Thank you again for all your efforts.

- J.V. S

Hi. I just received my package of multiple coolers, two collapsible buckets, etc. yesterday and am very happy with everything! Although I chose the least expensive postage and handling, the order arrived so, so quickly! What a surprise!

While complaints seem to be the popular norm and people find it so easy to complain, I prefer to use Gods encouragement to use the same energy to compliment. So, thank you. Have a blessed day! :-)
- RH King

It cannot be helped that a defective item slips through the cracks and makes it to a customer. That is just business. But it is how "the business" responds to a customer complaint that makes them a hero or a zero.

thanks again for giving me the "courtesy store credit" I asked for.
Be Well,

- Michael

Thanks, you people rock !! Great customer service!!
- Karen

Thank you.

I am a business consultant and I am pretty impressed with what I see in your organization, so far.

William S.

Hi Tammy, I talked to you earlier today to thank you for putting out such great products that really WORK, plus the fact that you guys are fair and do not steal from folks on line (like many others do!)
- Robin B.

Can I just put this out there..............
I have loved what I have gotten from you.
I have loved the little videos to show better what is for sale.
I love that you find things that are cool and useful.
I love the way you all look like you handle your company.
Ok, I am done LOL
Have a great day!!
- Elizabeth

Lol..you are welcome. You can take a breather now. It is all cleared up. Thanks so much for EXCELLENT customer service. You guys ROCK!
Peace &Blessings...
- Lisa

Thank you so much Tammy. You guys have EXCELLENT customer service and I will continue to be a customer for years to come
- Lisa

Oh, thank you so much! Even though I did not enjoy the product, your customer service is outstanding! I really appreciate it.
- Wendy

We love the headphones. I actually own the Beats that these mimic and these pair are incredibly good.
- Will P.

Your excellence customer service is why I continue to purchase from your company.
- Lori S.

I just wanted to Thank the customer service agent( (P/SO) that answered my email and helping me with the order that I never received. This agent was very helpful and put in a reship for the merchandise which I have received this time. I will definately place other orders and refer Pulsetv.com to my friends and relatives. Thanks for such great customer service. Regards,
- Mary

Thank you !!! It is, as you say, credited. It is excellent doing business with you and will continue to do so! A breathe of fresh air in the midst of everything that is going on! You held to your companys word and integrity! Thank You!
- Bob B.

hi pulsetv people. I tried to place order online but it was not cooperating; I called your number & was greeted & taken care of by the most sweet, polite phone lady. I am sure you could find out who this was from what I ordered. I was quite impressed.

really like u

- Lucy H of Aiken SC

Dear Cheryl -
Excellent - and appreciated - customer service. Thank you so much for your response to my problem with the wok.
I will look forward to getting the replacement.
Again, thank you.
- T.L.


I called your customer service and they were able to assist me with my order very quickly. Thank you so much for your prompt response and attention to this matter!!

Good Morning,
Received the sheets yesterday and used them last night-----love them. Please pass on my thanks to Anisa for the discount but more importantly my good impression of your company. The fact that someone in your organization recognized my name and took the time to let me know goes way beyond the "normal" service we have become accustom to in our fast paced e-world. It shows that people make the company and while so many rely on a cheap price, many of us still believe service is far more important and your company delivered that.
- Thanks, Joe

I think your Customer Service is awesome.... Cheryl knew a cross stitcher's dilemma and I am now doing my projects with my Lighted Reading Glasses.
- Robin N.

I could not be happier with your outstanding service. Whenever I order a product I cannot believe how fast it arrives. Other companies should use you as a barometer for good service
- Ray J.

Sheryl had told me to call back after our inquiries at the post office (who lost my pkg). When I did she sent out a duplicate order at no charge to us. I was amazed and so pleased at this level of customer service. She even called back later in the day to ask for a physical address to send the cars via UPS instead of the post office. The cars arrived a few days later, safe and sound. One has been delivered to one grandson (who loves it), and the other is enroute to another grandson in Africa. You guys are great. It's very refreshing to find someone who operates in this level of integrity. Thanks so much!
- Pamela

I recently ordered two stainless steel wallets from you. The service I received was EXCELLENT! The quality of the product is SUPERIOR. Thank you very much.
- William

I want to thank you for the promptness of my order. The items in the "Box of Junk" were very nice and will make great stocking stuffers.
- Jacquelyn M. F.

Ms Tammy,
We sincerely appreciate your customer service. Quite rare, nowadays!
We will return them as instructed.
Best Regards!

"Tammy" @ X100 is Absolutely FABULOUS!
ALL of Your "Stuff" is Just-as-Described, Great-Quality, and, TERRIFICALLY-Priced!!
Thank you for providing a "Safe-Site" to Use with Such-an-Incredible Variety....."I'll be back...", as usual ;->
Very Happy Holidays...donna
- Dr. Donna T.

Thank you very much for the fast service . PulseTV is number one in shipping and inquiries about customer order . Some website online don't even inform about your order it is very discouraging but I won't mention name to protect their business . I really like ordering in your website the price is very reasonable plus the shipping is super fast . Thanks again for the excellent service . Keep up the good work .
- Zosimo Y.
Loyal Customer


I have recently discovered and shopped on your web site. I have two other shopping sites I like, but your site is the easiest to navigate and the screen responds quickly to my every command. I appreciate this so much as I can get on, shop, and get off without having to constantly fight the screen or waste my time waiting for the screen to respond...Good job on your web site!
- Barbara

Thank you for your very quick response and action. We all know that these things happen and when a company is quick to fix things it is an indication of their integrity and respect for their customers.
Thanks again.
- Georgette

Dear Cally, I want to thank you for responding so quicklly to my request to change my order (deleting the mole repeller) which was mistakenly added to my most recent order. You have restored my faith in on-line shopping and your company is to be complimented for having employees like you helping people with such efficientcy and speed. Thanks again, and your company can expect many more orders from me.
- Edwin W.

I want to thank you for great follow-up on replacing the unsatisfactory product that I initially received. The customer service rep was very helpful.
- Cheryl

I had occasion to call today. The phone was answered on the very FIRST ring, by a real live PERSON! That person was Cheryl. She was FANTASTIC. I have a fear of phones that you wouldn't even believe but, gosh, if every call was like the one to you today I might eventually be cured (something my shrink has been unable to accomplish in 7 years! Thank you, Cheryl!!!!
- Karen D.

Thank you, Tammy, for all your help and mostly your understanding in this sometimes very trying life that we all live. :) I appreciate you and your awesome customer service, along with your friendliness. That means far more to me than ANY $$$ could ever mean.
- Ron

Thanks! You are awesome. Now I ordered more from you because of your excellent service.

Thank you Cheryl. It's good to know that excellent customer service is NOT dead. I look forward to ordering more in the future.
Thanks again,
- Lou Ann S.

- Lydia A.

New website looks great. Easy to navigate and I especially like the past deals put out again.
- Ron H.

I want to thank you for the bottle of Serum you sent as replacement for the broken one! It arrived without a problem and I appreciate your honest business practices! I will tell friends.
- Susan R.

I put my order in Friday morning, and Monday afternoon UPS was at my door.
This is the fastest I have ever had anything delivered! Thank You!
- Lori M.

Thank you very much for taking care of my "small issue" with courtesy and expediency.
Your outstanding customer service will make me a repeat customer.
Thank you,
- Gary

Thanks very much for fixing my order. I really appreciate your help. I never expected it would be changed and am quite pleased with your customer service.
- Sincerely, Mary

Thank you very much for your prompt reply. Much appreciated. I've never had such a quick reply from any other Net business I've ever had dealings with. Congrats & thanks again.
- Carl L.

Just ordered a product from you this a.m. looked at your "meet the staff" great PR. I think that I'll enjoy this shopping experience.
- Brad

Thanks a million. I am looking forward to doing more business with you. YOU HAVE GREAT PRICES!!!!
Thanks again
- Carolyn

This is why I like shopping with you. You treat each customer with personal attention. I can say you are the "best" because of some other companies I have dealt with (with no resolution). In fact, I was hung up on. I do not have to worry about any conflict when I order from you. This is GREATLY APPRECIATED!

Just want to tell you how much I've enjoyed doing business with you folks.

You are first rate, top to bottom, and I hope you're all in good health,having fun and making some really big bucks.

Really. You're such a breath of fresh air, just motorin' along doing thingsthe right way. Don't let success change the way you do business. Growthsometimes does that.

The best of everything to each and everyone of you.
- Dick J.

Thank you for quick reply. I will not hesitate to order from you in the future as you area easy to purchase from, easy to contact, and quick with your reply's regarding product concerns and/or questions.
Thanks again!

Your advertising is great!! I like dealing with you.
I had a problem with a product months ago and you dealt with super fast and clean! I can't wait for my Stainless Steel wallets to arrive.
Have a good day!
- Henry D.

Thank you so much for taking care of this for me. Your friendly attitude and promptness give me reason to want to do business with your company in future.
- Karen D.

Dear Tammy:
I wanted to express my appreciation for your services with regard to the refund on my order. You have single handedly restored by faith in dealing with Pulsetv.
- Ira S.

Dear Tammy,
Thank you very much for your prompt attention to this matter. In the past I have always been pleased with my orders from PulseTV. Although I am not a frequent customer, I am a return customer. Thank you again. My faith is restored. I will continue to shop with you and forward item information to friends I think might be interested. I really do appreciate the effort you gave on my behalf.
Yours truly,
- Pamela M.

Hi Cheryl; thanks for the email; I am impressed by your efficient, personable service.
I shall be back after the holidays with more stuff to order that I never knew I needed.
Merry Christmas.
- Betty E.

I am writing to tell you that I had the most pleasent lady on the phone theother day. (Cheryl) I asked her a bunch of questions regarding the "iPod-Like MP3/MP4 Player -4GB". We laughed when I told her now she will be an expert on that item.Anyway she was great and you have a very nice web site. I hope you aresuccessful in your business. Merry Christmas to you all.
- Nick D.

An item arrived damaged-within hours a new item was on it's way to me. Your Customer Service is admirable! Thank you.
- Wayne

- Beth

Thank you. Pulsetv is a very professional operation. I will spread the word.
- Bill

thanks cheryl,

you guys are the best. that's why i'm so comfortable buying from you.

- david

I hope the information that I gave you for the "As **** ** TV" website and customer service helped you.
Like I said on the phone, that is NOT our company. Please keep in mind, that under normal circumstances we do not return items sent to us in error.
I am sending it back as a courtesy and as a positive reflection of OUR company.

Cheryl - Pulsetv Customer Service

Thank you for this follow-up e-mail. Your customer service attitude is remarkable in today's impersonal internet sales arena. My frustration with my order from Another company should not have been directed to you, and I apologize you had to hear my complaint.
You are a great representative of Pulse TV, and I appreciate all of your help. Thank you.

- Nancy - Future customer

Dear Tammy,

Thank you so much for your good training. I would like to commend Sarah, for being such a wonderful agent for PulseTV.

She was patient, competent, a good listener, friendly and personable. Please commend her highly with kudos!

Thank you again.
- Maryann L.

Thank you so much for your speed and efficiency. I have to say I was not expecting that to be so easy! Kudos to you and your organization!
- Susan D.

Tammy, Thank you so much for your prompt response! I think I'm going to enjoy dealing with this company, you represent so very well!
- Gloria F.

I am contacting you to give some feedback. I don't know how I got on your email address list, but I'm very happy to have discovered this site. It feels like a close friend is sending me an email about some incredable prices. And your prices can't be beat!! I know because I've priced some of the items. The quality of the products is exactly as stated. It's a pleasure to go to your site. Thank you, and keep up the great work!
- Rise N.

On my order today, the shipping was only about $5 for all the items. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you not trying to gouge us on the shipping. I don't know how many times I've gone to order something online somewhere and then the shipping comes up outrageously high and I cancel the order. Keep those shipping rates low and people like me will keep coming back to order...
- Joel H.

Thanks Cheryl, That's what I call customer service. Your help and prompt attention is appreciated.
- Terry

Thank you for combining my 4 check orders and sending me a credit. since I am unemployed at this time it really helps. I have placed two other orders since and I am sure that I will be ordering more from you.
Thank you,
- Kimberly

Just looked at your website and saw your "family" of workers.
I have ordered from you several times in the past and plan on many more future transactions!
You are unique in that you offer GOOD items at VERY REASONABLE PRICES and the S&H is also very REASONABLE (I have ordered items from other firms where the Shipping & Handling charges were as much as THREE TIMES the PRICE of item!
I recommend you to all my friends.
Push On!
- Ronald D.

I want to applaud customer service for the automatic, kind, trusting response I received when I called to inform them of a damaged box and item.
she was so courteous and professional.
Thank you for the friendly, prompt service which I received

Your service is amazing..!! My order was received 2 'daze' ago!! About a week ahead of 'normal' time..!!!!
- J Vernon R.

Hello Sarah,
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for any adjustment you did to expedite my order. I have found working with you a very comfortable speaking and response easy and always fulfilled with the truth and answers to my questions quick and promising.
Thank you again,
- Mrs. Annamarie P.

I just wanted to thank you for having great deals. We have been having high triple digit weather and that's not counting the heat index. I had purchased the "Koolers" 2 for and they had just arrived. I gave them to my brother because he has to work outside alot. I know these will work for him. So thank you very much for having these. I also gave him your website address and he is very impressed. thank you again.

I just wanted to thank you for sharing with me the deals. I have particularly found the two-flashlight deal to be very good and most useful. This is just a thank you for the great work you've done. Best wishes.
- David S.

Dear Sarah--THANK YOU SO MUCH for your rapid responce--that is GREAT customer service & refreshing to know of a company that stands behind your products !! Looking forward to using this properly. I will definitely recommend your site for ordering.
- Kathi S.


We recently ordered two of the Silver Lightning trays from Del of the Day, and there are two reasons I have to brag on them.

Reason Number One for bragging: We were told that it would be at least 7-10 BUSINESS days after the date of shipment before they arrived. Well, that meas that they would not have arrived until 26 May at the earliest. They arrived on Saturday 22 May, which was only 5 CALENDAR days after shipment. Thanks for underpromising and overdelivering!

Reason Number Two for bragging: This thing works even better than you said it would. The amount of silver I cleaned in two hours of cleaning time would have taken me at least a week of cleaning with the traditional hand cleaning methods. I never expected to get that much silver cleaned that fast. And baking soda is a lot cheaper than the cleaning solutions! We are going to surprise my mother-in-law later this week by going over while she is at work and cleaning her silver, then when she asks how we got it all cleaned so fast, we will show her how Silver Lightning works. I even bragged about it in my blog on WordPress. Need anybody for ad work?
- Richard W.

Two reasons:
First off: Our order arrived faster than we were told it would in the confirmation email. THANKS!
Secondly: We ordered two of the Silver LIghtning trays--one ofr us and one for my 85-year-old mother. My partner used ours today, adn within about 2 hours had completed a silver cleaning pil that using the traditional cleaner/polish-an-rag method would have taken at least a week! This is a great product! It went beyond our expectations. Pieces we thought would NEVER come clean now look like brand new! Thanks so much!
- Richard J.

"Good Morning & I wanted to say again.... THANK YOU Sarah :-) YOU have been a GREAT help!!!! :-)

A customer service person that can be talked to, will listen and actually do something....your company has one hell of an employee!!!! You deserve THANKS just for being how you are for the company!!!!I would appreciate you showing this to someone as a fact that I am Very Happy with your help for this company, Pulse TV..... Deal a Days are Great, But Sarah you are Better and I would like another to see this because you are an Awesome Customer service rep to deal with, I may have had a problem with my order but you were right on the ball helpful in fixing that, a pleasure to deal with.... you listened and responded to that and that is what means A lot to me!!!! Many Thanks for all your Above++ 'norm' help :-)!!!!! Your company NEEDS to know this about you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so you know I did talk to the postal people &..... Postal delivery man here and post office of course took none of the blame... of course & said things like it 'was shipping from the company' I was told and a little more. We both know the difference :-)

Have A Great Day!!!"
- Sherri

"Anisa-I want to thank you, thank you, thank you for offering me this product!! Both bathroom sink drains have been clogged for about 6 weeks, and we have been using the kitchen sink for teeth brushing, etc. Saving up for a $200 plumbing visit. Wow!! After about 15-20 minutes with the EZ Zip Drain Cleaner and $7.56 later (I bought 2), both drains are free flowing. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you......"
- Jackie M.

"Sarah, Thank you so much for your quick response. This company is such a great company to order from. Have a great day!"
- Becky

"Tammy, Amazing service...Thanks a lot..!"
- Neelakandan E.

"I just wanted to take a second and let you know how much I appreciate you going the "extra mile" for your customer...me. You've now made me a customer for life because of your commitment to do your job to the best that you can."
- Christine S.

"Thank you so much for the "personal touch" that is so often missing in these transactions!"
- Sherry

"Just a note to let you know, my order arrived today... I am very impressed with your service.... My order was placed on 2-9-2010, and received EXACTLY one week later..... Thank you very much...."
- Robert M.

"Thanks ever so much for the prompt reply and your assistance my with my last order. I really do appreciate excellent customer service, and you are most certainly providing just that!"
- Magdalena S.

"I want to "Thank You", so very much for my package. As I opened it... I was wondering why was the package so large for a small blood pressure cuff. The gifts inside were items that I had looked at with interest and hesitated saying that I would get them later. But, the real shocker is the lap desk how did you all know that I needed two of them? My children received notebooks for gifts and I needed the desks for them. When I contacted you about my missing package, the promptness in your response was refreshing. I knew then that I was dealing with #1 company. Forever a Loyal Customer..."
- Elthea M.

"Thanks Cheryl. I didn't expect you guys to test it yourselves. Talk about service. :-)..."
- Greg D.

"I just recieved my replacement clippers, and they work good. Thank-you for your quick and fair response, it's very much appreciated. You've made a happy customer out of me once again. Thanks,"
- Carol H.


"I see the credit on my statement. Although this product did not work for me, I just wanted to drop a quick email to say what a pleasure it was to deal with your company and that I appreciated the level of Customer Service you offered. Regards,"
- Laraine E.

"Your company is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The new cig with the new adapter works great. I want to thank you for all your patience and above and beyond normal service. I finally got it, and I will let you know how long it takes me to quit smoking. Again, Thank You,"
- Kathy T.

"To tell you how much I enjoyed your "STAFF" link! Its great to see a company that has fun and promotes their staff the way you do."

"I have worked in telephone and p2p customer service for 16 years, before that, 25 years as a professional radio announcer, and I can say without a doubt I like what I see here and commend you on your website and links!"

"Very personal and easy for the customer to relate to. Well done!"

"I look forward to receiving my order and doing more business with you in the future."


- Stephen H.

"I love your products, thanks"
- Elaine K.

"Hey, Sarah!!
Thanks for the good response PLUS -- my Ginseng arrived today. Very speedy & impressive services. All's well that ends well, said Shakespeare. Thanks again -- cheers --"
- Jon G.
"PS Hope the Ginseng does me some good!!!"

"Thanks so much [Tammy], you are a credit to your company."
- Fred

"Dear Anisa:
I already have 4 of the "Reusable Dryer Balls" and I can tell you that they do cut down on the amount of time I use my dryer and when I use a little fabric softner to wash, my husband's undershirtsdouble their height in fluffiness when I fold them. I will try never to be without them."
- Carolyn M.

"Excellent customer service, they're very sharp, and have great items and prices."
- [Phone Customer]

"I purchased your handy trend closet hangers and I think that they are
awesome. I have saved so much space in my closet. they are the best. I would
recommend them to anyone. thank you for a great product!!!!!!!!"
- Darlene P.