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    Collapsible Laundry Basket - Space Saving and Strong

    Your Price: $14.99
    SPECIAL: 2 for $25.98

    Collapsible items are as wonderful as they are functional. They collapse to take up little storage. This Laundry Basket is the latest to get the collapsible technology.
    Item # 8776

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    Collapsible items are as wonderful as they are functional. They collapse to take up little storage. This Laundry Basket is the latest to get the collapsible technology.

    While it is fantastic for all your laundry needs... it's not just for laundry! These are great for icing beverages, bathing pets, toting and storing kids toys, clothes, sports equipment, crafts and more.

    They're also great to keep in the trunk of your car for whenever you find yourself needing to tote or move something... like stuff to the beach.

    Because it collapsible to under three inches thick it is perfect for small apartments, RVs, boats, dorm rooms, offices, garages, anywhere space is at a premium.

    Made with the finest plastic it is built to last. With contoured handles with rubber grips make it easy to carry and transport your laundry.

    - Collapsible making it simple to store in a closet, under a bed, and more
    - Contoured handles with rubber grips make it easy to carry and transport stuff
    - Holds up to 4.2 Gallons/1.5 Bushels
    - Grey and white color
    - BPA Free
    - Dimensions Collapsed: 21 in x 15.25 in x 2.75 in
    - Dimensions Fully Extended: 21 in x 15.25 in x 9.25 in
    Existing reviews
    Great Product
    I just love this Basket it s so much easier to find a place to put it when not in use.
    EDITH | 3/24/2022 11:00 PM
    Love that they fold up!
    Great space saver, can hold lots of clothes and other things, makes a perfect cat bed and easy to carry too!
    CRAIG M. | 3/12/2022 10:00 PM
    Laundry Basket is Excellent
    Love the collapsing feature of the basket, it is well made and very functional. I would prefer that it be a little larger, as my wife expressed the same concern.
    WAYNE | 11/12/2021 10:00 PM
    Collapsible Laundry Basket
    Like the collapsible part but it is only for small loads of laundry. Should have measured the one I have at home before ordering for my grandson who is going off to college especially knowing that kids dont do their laundry until they are just about out of clothing. I kept one for myself anyway and gave the other to my granddaughter.
    NANCY | 8/1/2021 11:00 PM
    Very Nice!
    Very nice purchase!
    RICH | 6/12/2021 11:00 PM
    Smaller than a regular laundry basket
    I purchased a similar full sized basket at a local store. They ran out and I havent seen them in over a year. I found this site and was excited to grab these at a great price. They are awesome, they are a great price, but not really the size of a regular laundry basket. Still nice, but not really useful for carrying a full load of clothes.
    RUSSELL | 4/26/2021 11:00 PM
    DEREK | 9/26/2020 11:00 PM
    flex container
    There working for us, but should be a bit more sturdier!
    PAUL E | 9/25/2020 11:00 PM
    Easy to store laundry basket
    I love this basket--I just wish it was bigger!  I got rid of my other broken down baskets and now I have a chic new one.  I like how small it shrinks down.  Great purchase!
    TERRI | 9/24/2020 11:00 PM
    Well Pleased as it does save space. I would recommend it for others
    EUGENE | 8/29/2020 11:00 PM
    Perfect for my condo
    This nice sized basket is perfect for me in my condo.I have a stackable washer/dryer combo and this fits just right with the size of my laundry loads. Then folds away nicely outta site. The price was a steal.
    Mary | 8/29/2020 11:00 PM
    Useful & Convenient
    We have limited storage space and this collapsible laundry basket is just what was needed.  It works great.
    BARRY | 8/24/2020 11:00 PM
    Love this basket!
    I have very limited storage space. Large laundry baskets just get in the way. But this collapsible basket does the trick!  It fits neatly next to my washer when not in use.
    ROSEANNE | 8/23/2020 11:00 PM
    Collapsible Laundry Basket
    This item is just what everyone needs when taking laundry out of the dryer, take clothes upstairs, fold, and collapse the laundry basket for easy storage for next load. Love it. Especially if you have limited space like I do.
    CHERYL | 8/21/2020 11:00 PM
    collapsible laundry basket
    i found it very helpful that after use i can put it away with out any problem.
    RICARDO | 8/12/2020 11:00 PM
    Not very deep
    Not as big or as deep as I was expecting.  Difficult for me to pop up but doable
    MARY | 8/3/2020 11:00 PM
    Collapsible laundry baskets
    I like the baskets because they take up less space when not in use.  It would be nice if they were bigger.
    JULIE | 8/3/2020 11:00 PM
    Perfect for space saving but small
    I've been eyeing these baskets for a while. With a family of 4 laundry is always daunting and there were always laundry baskets sitting around taking up so much space. These are great when they're not in use, they collapse and can be stored out of site. Only complaints are: they are on the small side, and don't hold our large loads of laundry and a large pile of clothes can cause them to collapse pre-maturely. Still not a bad deal though.
    CHANDRA | 8/3/2020 11:00 PM
    Nice basket
    Is great for a number of uses. Not only laundry but great for in trunk of your car. For groceries and more. Easy to store.
    RUSSELL | 8/1/2020 11:00 PM
    Landry Basket
    Its a little smaller than I expected but works just fine for me
    LARENE | 7/30/2020 11:00 PM
    Collapsing Laundry Basket
    The two laundry baskets I ordered were delivered in a timely fashion.  I was a little disappointed in their size though.  Theyre of medium size and can hold just about a single wash load.  The parts of the baskets that allow them to be compressed down dont appear like theyll hold up well over time or if exposed to temperature extremes.  May be better for college students than a home laundry.
    DONNA | 7/26/2020 11:00 PM
    collapsible laundry basket
    Great item.  Folds flat when not in use.  Holds as much laundry as I need it to.
    BETTY | 7/25/2020 11:00 PM
    Better uses than for laundry
    The collapsible basket is a great idea, but its not particularly practical for laundry because it only hold about half a load. However, it is wonderful in the back of my vehicle to hold grocery bags upright when coming home from the store or for other organizational purposes.
    Sharon | 7/24/2020 11:00 PM
    Good Quality but too small
    Good Quality but too small
    KEN | 7/22/2020 11:00 PM
    small and flimsy
    don't waste your money, very small and doesn't stay erect when opened...my cats like them though..
    DONNA | 7/22/2020 11:00 PM
    Laundry Basket
    Item as described.  I would have liked it more if it was larger.  Fast shipping.
    NINA | 7/22/2020 11:00 PM
    Very nice and collapsible. Great buy. A bit on the small size for regular laundry basket. Serves the purpose
    YANI | 7/19/2020 11:00 PM
    Nice, but a little small
    These would be perfect if they were about 50% larger, but still handy.
    STEVE | 7/19/2020 11:00 PM
    collapsible laundry basket
    love it, but would like it a little bit bigger
    Virginia | 7/12/2020 11:00 PM
    Collapsible laundry basket
    I put clothes in it . It collapse after I pulled up tight. Great for storing away
    BARBARA | 7/6/2020 11:00 PM
    OK, I reviewed this once before and said it was a crummy product but I think maybe I just had one basket that I had too much stuff in or something and it was too heavy and it just got lopsided but anyway I'm a truck driver and this product is great for in the truck and can fit in the small places you collapse it when you don't need it I mean it's just absolutely perfect for inside the 18 wheeler. We have them at home I can stick them between the washer and dryer and just snag one out when I'm ready to use it I mean it really is a perfect item.
    DIANE | 6/27/2020 11:00 PM
    Great item!
    Sturdy and easily collapses for space saving. Phenomenal price!
    MARSHA | 6/15/2020 11:00 PM
    Laundry Basket
    To my amazement worked good with my dirty laundry I had,collapsed it and poof,and ready to slide it n my care.
    JESSE | 5/27/2020 11:00 PM
    collapsible laundry basket a space saver
    Love the collapsible laundry basket.  Living in a very small house makes space saving items a big plus.  This basket pops up to use then folds down to store away.  I love it.
    DIANA | 5/23/2020 11:00 PM
    Really does collapse
    I live in a motorhome and need items that take up as little space as necessary.  This basket does collapse down to 2 1/2 inches.  It is strong and easy to carry a load of laundry.
    KATHLEEN | 5/22/2020 11:00 PM
    Well constructed, very useful
    Sturdy, well constructed.  I use it in my car and store it in my trunk.  It takes up little room when collapsed but has a substantial amount of space when opened up. Use it primarily for groceries--transferring them directly from the cart to the baskets--no bags at all.
    DALE | 5/22/2020 11:00 PM
    Nice concept and great price just smaller than anticipated
    The basket was just much smaller than i thought it would be.
    JANICE | 5/17/2020 11:00 PM
    Great for RV
    Will be used in RV.  Convenient to store until needed.
    GEORGE | 5/17/2020 11:00 PM
    Colapsable baskets
    Good but smaller than I thought.
    LISA | 4/30/2020 11:00 PM
    Love my hampers
    I absolutely love my new hampers. I had several different types of hampers before, but they were bulky and took up too much room. When I saw these advertised, I knew I had to have them. They arrived when stated they would and I could not be more happy. They are exactly as described and I love the fact that they are collapsible!!!
    RHONDA | 4/24/2020 11:00 PM
    Collapsible baskets
    Very nice size. Will use in our camper where space is definitely a premium.  Thanks for offering them at such a great price.
    BETTY | 4/21/2020 11:00 PM
    Great compact laundry basket
    We have a small laundry room and this laundry basket fills the bill perfectly. It tucks in nicely between the washer and dryer when not in use.
    RON | 4/20/2020 11:00 PM
    I love this basket. It is sturdy and compact.
    ALBERTA | 4/19/2020 11:00 PM
    Bobs review of collapsible laundry basket
    Great product!!  A space-saver!!  Reasonably priced!!
    BOB | 4/19/2020 11:00 PM
    Just as described
    Nice product, happy with it
    DEBRA | 4/19/2020 11:00 PM
    Works really well
    I love these.  I just use my knee to help expand and they collapse easily.  Not too big and not too small.  I like them so much I am thinking of ordering two more.
    Richard | 3/30/2020 11:00 PM
    Laundry Basket
    The collapsible basket is great for small places. When your not using it collapsible it and put it up. It would be great for camping. I think it great for in my apartment.
    WANDA | 3/25/2020 11:00 PM
    Worth Every Penny!
    This basket is sturdy and perfect for any home, especially if you are short on storage space for a regular-sized laundry basket.  I am quite happy being able to collapse this one and store it instead of having it laying around taking up space when not in use.  Love it.
    KEITH | 2/13/2020 10:00 PM
    Very Small
    Nice baskets, great that they collapse, but they are super small.They look a lot bigger in the picture.
    SUZANNE | 2/9/2020 10:00 PM
    I love this basket. It stores on the side of my machines and is the perfect side for laundry.
    KATHRYN | 2/6/2020 10:00 PM
    Great Service
    First, the product is a great space saver and is perfect for my small room. Second, Pulses customer service is top shelf. Their first shipment to me was stolen and they sent the product again to my preferred address. Thank you Pulse
    VALERIE | 1/27/2020 10:00 PM
    As avertised
    Love that the basket is collapsible. Takes of less room!! Works great
    JAYNE C | 1/26/2020 10:00 PM
    Sturdy basket, up to any choir.
    Easy storing, yet sturdy basket.  Laundry, yard waste, even can goods: tough.
    GARY | 1/25/2020 10:00 PM
    Nice but too flexible.
    MAURICE | 1/20/2020 10:00 PM
    laundry basket
    i think its going to work ok. it doesnt take up much room for storage.
    PATRICIA C | 1/13/2020 10:00 PM
    Love this Basket!
    I live in an RV and walk to the laundry room to wash my clothes. The abilty to fold this basket is perfect for RV living!!
    MICHELLE | 1/5/2020 10:00 PM
    Collapsible laundry basket
    Works great
    RONALD | 1/1/2020 10:00 PM
    Convenient and sturdy plus outstanding customer service
    I bought two of these because they are small, but will allow me to carry, up and down stairs, as much laundry with the two as I did with one awkward and flimsy round basket. Upon delivery one of the handles on one the baskets was broken, likely crushed in the plastic packaging in which they were delivered. The pulse customer service representative was not only responsive, assuring me that a replacement would be shipped at no charge, but that she would personally oversee that the package was wrapped with more padding and protection to make sure the handles held up in shipping. They did! Pulse Direct not only sells affordable and desirable products, they deliver them with terrific customer service!
    ROGER | 12/30/2019 10:00 PM
    Very handy
    I love this, and I have 2.  Its more for small loads but still very useful.
    JILL | 12/19/2019 10:00 PM
    Collapsible basket
    I own a collapsible basket and I love it so I bought one for my neighbor for Xmas.
    THERESA | 12/12/2019 10:00 PM
    Collapsible Laundry Basket
    Much smaller than I thought from seeing the pictures.  Basket does not fully open, problem with the corners, they seem bunched up.
    NANCY | 11/30/2019 10:00 PM
    Laundry Basket
    These are the best laundry basket ?? we have ever purchased. High quality and very very convenient collapsible basket for storage.Highly Recommended Purchase
    EDWARD | 11/29/2019 10:00 PM
    Collapsible Basket
    They are smaller than I thought they would be.They collapse as you put your laundry in then from dryer, which forces your clothes to spill out of the basket.
    LUCILLE | 11/24/2019 10:00 PM
    easy to use
    Great value - works well
    ROBERTA | 11/21/2019 10:00 PM
    I find myself using this laundry basket more than the rest. I love how little space it takes up when not in use.Cant wait to try it out as a cooler.
    CHRIS | 11/19/2019 10:00 PM
    Corners of collapsible part are already weak
    Im afraid they wont last very long, corners on collapsible part are already thinner than the rest. They tend to bunch up when in flat mode. But I love the convenience , so easy to store
    ALICE | 11/18/2019 10:00 PM
    An OK item
    I don't know if it needs to be used more often but collapses during  use.
    DIANE | 11/1/2019 11:00 PM
    Collapsible laundry basket
    I like the laundry basket because it's perfect for storing without taking up to much space. Unfortunately, it is a little small and I am glad I got two because I need both to hold the my laundry. My rating of 4 was because of the size.  I would recommend it, if you are looking to save space.
    LORIANN | 10/26/2019 11:00 PM
    Just about the right size..
    I have not used this yet..but I did collapse and expand it several times. Should be perfect for the rv. While this might be a wee bit on the small side this should make it very easy to carry and load and unload the rv. If this one holds up I might get another.
    MICHAEL W. | 10/11/2019 11:00 PM
    Great product
    This collapsible laundry basket is great for college students with limited space, motor homes and laundry rooms.  I highly recommend it!
    LINDA | 10/6/2019 11:00 PM
    Good design
    I have limited space and this was perfect for a condo or apartment
    JOHN | 10/6/2019 11:00 PM
    I purchased several for our light wash home use and two to our camping trailer.  The price was very reasonable and they work perfectly for our uses.
    BENNIE | 10/5/2019 11:00 PM
    Perfect for my needs
    I live in an efficiency apartment. Which means space is limited.
    THOMAS | 9/27/2019 11:00 PM
    I purchased four of these baskets, because I could see that they were not especially large baskets.  That has a plus side to it as well.  They store much more easily than larger baskets, yet require very little effort to prepare them for use when needed.  Also, they are smaller so are not as difficult for my wife to manage when she has to move laundry around,  The larger baskets tempt you to fill them up and sometimes that makes them unmanageable for my wife.  With these, she can use two to carry as much as she would with one of the larger baskets.  While she makes two trips to carry the same amount, she is doing so more safely.
    CARL | 9/24/2019 11:00 PM
    The pictures will fool you.
    Let me start off by saying that the baskets are very nice and sturdy and easy to use but unfortunately these baskets arent very big. The pictures make them look big but unfortunately the most youre going to get in this basket is probably a load of towels and washclothes. A washload of clothes for a family of 3 will not fit in this basket so if thats what youre looking for just turn away now.
    TERRIC | 9/22/2019 11:00 PM
    Clever product, I like it very much.
    My collapsible laundry basket is sturdy and really does fold down into a nice size for storage. Very pleased with it, thanks!
    Teresa | 9/22/2019 11:00 PM
    It would take at least 2 of them for a standard size laundry basket; however, I do like that it is collapsible.
    TRACY | 9/20/2019 11:00 PM
    Laundry nightmare avoided
    Thanks to these great baskets I can carry my cleaned laundry upstairs, put it away and the baskets can collapse and be put away until the next laundry day. Less clutter in the laundry room!
    JEANNE | 9/17/2019 11:00 PM
    collapsible laundry basket
    Love it!  Have tiny laundry area & this just collapses & fits between washer & dryer neat as can be!  Bought another for gift.
    JOANN | 9/15/2019 11:00 PM
    Now i dont have to lug clothes down stairs and always drop a sock or 2.It is so convenient.  The best thing I have.I now actually dont mind wash day.
    JESSICA | 9/15/2019 11:00 PM
    Greatest Little Basket
    Bought one for me & my mom because space is a huge issue for us both.  Easy to fold down & store. Keep beside dryer to use for clean clothes. Very durable. Very happy!
    DEBRA | 9/14/2019 11:00 PM
    Space saver & nice!
    Plenty big for two ppl & very sturdy. The only downside is that it conveniently folds & fits along side of washer or dryer so then I forget I have it! ?? I have recommended it to many people.
    VERONICA | 9/14/2019 11:00 PM
    Very Handy
    Love this space saver. Have limited storage space but fits between my washer and laundry cupboard. Great for shuttling loads of laundry without dropping items along the way!  I use in garden for holding items I need or weeds I've pulled. Gave one to my daughter!  Many other uses!  Holding items you want to toss while clearing out drawers or closet, keep one in trunk of car, etc etc. Thinking of gifting to my sisters!
    Vivian | 9/14/2019 11:00 PM
    These are space saving and very helpful! Im giving one to my Mother for Christmas! I think shell enjoy it.
    ANDREW | 9/14/2019 11:00 PM
    THE BASKET ARRIVED WITH A BROKEN HANDLE.  I CONTACTED PULSETV AND THEY ISSUED ME A FULL CREDIT RIGHT AWAY.  They did not want me to return the broken basket, that I should just put into my trash.  The basket was very poorly packaged, just placed in a large envelope, my wife suggested that they could of placed some protecting wrap around the handles.  I will continue to shop with PulseTV because they have always been a GREAT company to do business with.
    Jerome | 9/14/2019 11:00 PM
    Too Small
    Sorry I purchased - Ive never seen such a small laundry basket.  Shouldnt be called a laundry basket - doesnt fit a load of laundry.  Would return it but it costs more than what I paid for it.
    CHRISTINA | 9/14/2019 11:00 PM
    It works as a tray so you can store it collapsed in less space than a traditional laundry basket. When you open it you can use it to put in your laundry and fold it and put it away
    MONA | 9/13/2019 11:00 PM
    space saver
    I purchased two- one for home, one for the car. The one in the car I use for groceries that I purchase from Sams.
    SALVATORE | 9/13/2019 11:00 PM
    Great basket
    I love this, it's smaller than some but tha makes it easier to carry. It still holds everything I need and the collapsible feature is nice! Prob  should get another!
    LEONARD | 9/13/2019 11:00 PM
    Laundry Basket
    well its a little on the small side but works well,
    DANIEL | 9/12/2019 11:00 PM
    Handy Laundry Basket
    Just the right size and the collapsible feature makes for easy storage.
    BRUCE | 9/12/2019 11:00 PM
    Collapsible basket
    Love the space it saves when folded and put away.  Only problem I have is that it is smaller than my other laundry baskets were.  Wish they were a little larger.
    RUTH | 9/12/2019 11:00 PM
    Perfect Size and Strong!
    This little laundry basket is the perfect size for a single load. It stores away easily when collapsed.
    DIANE | 9/11/2019 11:00 PM
    I have purchased many items over the years.  This laundry basket arrived with the handle BROKEN, it was NOT packed for shipping, just put into the large envelope.  I contacted PulseTV and they took care of me right away.  PulseTV is a GREAT company and I will continue to purchase from them.
    Jerome | 9/11/2019 11:00 PM
    Collapsible Laundry Basket
    This is a great basket - easy to collapse and expand.  Its a little small but still very functional.
    JOAN | 9/8/2019 11:00 PM
    Great Idea!
    Kudos to whomever invented these baskets! They are easy to carry, can be used for other things and best of all, they collapse compact and flat to save space when not being used. These would be great for a students tiny dorm room!
    Robert | 9/7/2019 11:00 PM
    works O.K.
    Wife did not believe it .it held more than she taught it would
    FRANK | 8/31/2019 11:00 PM
    Very good
    I love it
    JOHN | 8/21/2019 11:00 PM
    Collapsible Laundry Baskets
    These are outstanding, they are just whats needed in our 32 Motor Home RV, easy to store,quick to get to, and great lugging clothes to and from laundromat. Have no hesitation recommending to other RVers or anyone with small loads of laundry to do.
    Roberta | 8/18/2019 11:00 PM
    The best - forget the rest
    I bought a couple of these when they first debuted with another vendor and paid significantly more.  These are a good value on Pulse TV and you should definitely pick up a couple.  I cant imagine why anyone would still hang onto any other type - either wicker or rigid plastic when these do the same job and take up way less space!   I know you will be happy with these - another way to use them is when they are completely collapsed they make great serving trays.
    DEBORAH | 8/18/2019 11:00 PM
    So Convenient
    I love this laundry basket.  Because it collapses, it fits nicely between my washer and my dryer.  Yay, for saving space!
    Julie | 8/18/2019 11:00 PM
    Laundry Basket
    Love it, love it !!!
    JOAN | 8/18/2019 11:00 PM
    Love it
    Just got it and it is easy to collapse and expand. It is also bigger than I thought. Great deal
    CHRIS | 8/12/2019 11:00 PM

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