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Famous Brand 1/2 Acre Mosquito & Insect Trap

Compare At:  $139.99 
Your Price: $59.99
This is the brand for Mosquito and Insect Traps! We can't print the name because of a special direct deal that allows us to sell this at well below their wholesale cost!
Item # 10483
You'll notice we don't print the name of this famous brand of Mosquito and Insect Traps. This is the brand for Mosquito and Insect Traps!

We can't print the name because of a special direct deal that allows us to sell this at well below their wholesale cost!

Say Goodbye To Pesky Mosquitoes/Bugs & Hello To Outdoor Bliss!

Tired of hanging out in your yard and being attacked by mosquitoes, biting flies, wasps, moths, June beetles, or stink bugs? This Name Brand Trap is the proven way to take back control!

HOW IT WORKS - The Science of This Name Brand Mosquito & Insect Trap

Unlike traditional bug zappers and harmful chemical sprays, this trap delivers powerful protection against flying insects.

Lure Them In:
This trap uses a UV bulb that reacts with an exclusive Ti02 titanium dioxide-coated surface. When combined with the UV light, it produces a CO2 trail that mimics human breath and is irresistible to bugs, and especially mosquitoes.

Suck Them In:
Once lured in, the bothersome bugs become powerless and get sucked into the trap where they cannot escape.

Empty The Basket & Be Amazed!
Insects stay inside the trap where they dehydrate and die. When you're ready just empty the filled basket without touching any dead bugs.

What It Catches:
Mosquitoes, biting flies, house flies, sand flies, blow flies, drain flies, flies, moths, no-see-ums, June beetles, wasps, yellow jackets, stink bugs, gnats, and biting midges.

Why Choose This Mosquito & Insect Trap?

Besides it being the number one brand and your exclusive low price, it is:

Powerful and Efficient: Equipped with a strong UV light and a whisper-quiet fan, our trap effectively attracts and captures mosquitoes and insects within a 1/2 acre range. No buzzing or annoying noises to disrupt your tranquility.

Safe and Chemical-Free: Forget about harmful chemicals and pesticides. Our trap operates without any hazardous substances, making it safe for your family, pets, and the environment.

Easy To Use: Setting up the Mosquito & Insect Trap is a breeze. Simply plug it in, turn it on, and let it do the rest. Maintenance is minimal, with the removable collection tray making clean-up quick and hassle-free.

All-Season Protection: Whether it's summer nights on the patio or cozy evenings by the fire pit, our trap is designed to provide year-round defense against mosquitoes and insects. Don't let those pesky critters ruin your outdoor activities.

Don't let mosquitoes and insects take control of your outdoor oasis. Invest in this Name Brand Trap 1/2 Acre Mosquito & Insect Trap today and reclaim your space. Note: Our video shows a slightly different model, refer to the product images on our product page for what you'll get. We kept the same video since all the features and tech specs are identical: it just has a different design.

Get the Universal Hanging Hook Here


  • Attracts and traps a variety of flying pest insects including mosquitoes, biting flies, and more
  • Delivers 3-way protection with no buzzing or zapping
  • UV light attracts insects
  • Exclusive Ti02 titanium dioxide-coated surface lures mosquitoes
  • Whisper-quiet vacuum sucks insects into the trap
  • Durable, all-weather construction for outdoor use
  • Effectively protects up to 1/2 acre of your property
  • Famous brand is #1 in Mosquito and Insect Traps
  • Easy to use, just plug it in and turn it on

IMPORTANT NOTE: The UV Bulb in the unit lasts approx 3000 hours (4 months). Get it for a BIG DISCOUNT, by Visiting Here
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Existing reviews
I threw away my fly swatter and keep the Dynatrap in my home office.
I only turn it on if a notice a fly, mosquito, or moth in my home office.  I no longer need to "get 'em" with my fly swatter.  I turn on the Dynatrap and in less that 5 minutes my pest problem is over, and I turn off the Dynatrap until the next sighting. Have A Happy Day
From: JIMMY | Date: 6/8/2024 9:38 PM
I knew it!
When I saw the picture I just knew it was the Dynatrap. I grabbed one right away. I paid over $100 for my old one. Thanks for the deals!
From: Tina | Date: 5/21/2024 1:46 PM
No more pesky bugs!
I set my DynaTrap in the yard near our patio where we like to sit out in the evening. Even though the mosquitoes are not too bad this year, due to dry weather and a local drought, I couldnt believe how many August black flies and mosquitoes were in the trap the next day! I had a small, real cheaply made, USB version of this that worked sort of OK, but this unit is the real deal!
From: Robert | Date: 8/22/2023 11:00 PM
I knew instantly!
The minute I saw the picture I knew this was DynaTrap and Ive had mine for years and it is great. We just recently bought a lake house so Im so happy to get this at such a discounted price!
From: CHRIS | Date: 8/10/2023 11:00 PM

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Famous Brand 1/2 Acre Mosquito & Insect Trap This is <strong><em>the brand</em></strong> for Mosquito and Insect Traps! We can't print the name because of a special direct deal that allows us to sell this at well below their wholesale cost!