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Giant Classic Audiobook Flash Drive

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SPECIAL: 2 for $39.98

Item # 8551

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Listening to classic books is as easy as plug and play! These Giant Classic Audiobook Flash Drives, Volumes 1 & 2, contain 125 of literature's greatest works EACH, all clearly and intelligibly narrated for convenient listening.

Each flash drive is loaded with over 500 hours worth of listening pleasure! So if you love to read, but it's not always convenient you'll love these audiobooks. Each title is offered in the Mp3 format, so you can listen from your smartphone, iPod, Walkman or any other listening device.

These audioBooks are recorded in high-quality studio sound by professional narrators. It's story-telling at its finest. And every one is a classic. Enjoy titles like; 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, Flying Dutchman, Heart of Darkness, Sherlock Holmes, White Fang, Count of Monte Cristo, Man Who Would be King, Phantom of the Opera, and literally hundreds more.

Playing these Audiobooks directly from a computer or your favorite listening device is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Insert the e-GO! library in your computer's USB slot. Then transfer the desired book files from the flash drive to any folder you desire.

2. Connect your listening device to your computer.

3. Locate the folder where you saved your audiobooks, then transfer them onto your device.

Browse Volume 1 Titles By Genre Here.

Browse Volume 2 Titles By Genre Here.

The classics are classics for a reason. These are literature's greatest works and they are waiting for you to listen.

- Hundreds of literature's greatest works in audio.
- Over 500 hours worth of listening.
- Full Length, Unabridged Versions.
- Listen in the car, while cooking, working out, or even at the beach.
- High-quality studio sound by professional narrators.
- Listen from your smartphone, iPod, Walkman or other listening device.
- Instant Library in Your Pocket.
- No Need for Wi-Fi, Software, or Complicated Apps.
- MP3 format compatible with Apple, Sony, Sandisk and more.
- Bonus Apple and Android Apps for free.

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