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    Kingsley Bamboo Palm Held Roller Ball Facial Massager

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    This easy to use facial roller works by stimulating pressure points on your face, stimulating it for a healthy glow while tightening and firming the skin.
    Item # 10673
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    Kingsley Bamboo Palm Held Roller Ball Facial Massager This easy to use facial roller works by stimulating pressure points on your face, stimulating it for a healthy glow while tightening and firming the skin.

    The Natural and Healthy Way To Reduce Puffiness and Wrinkles

    Daily use helps relax the facial muscles and promote lymphatic drainage, reducing the appearance of puffiness, wrinkles, and under eye bags.

    While it is perfect for the face this also works wonders on other parts of the body to reduce tension and muscle soreness.

    Crafted From Luxurious and Sustainable Bamboo Wood

    The surgical-grade stainless steel roller ball is encased in Bamboo which not only looks great, it ensures long-lasting durability.

    The massager's ergonomic handle is designed to fit perfectly into the palm of either hand, providing a comfortable grip for effortless massage motions.

    The combination of bamboo and ergonomic design make this a reliable and sustainable skincare tool.

    How To Stimulate Pressure Points

    Gently roll the massager over pressure points on your face to invigorate and stimulate circulation, promoting a healthy and rejuvenated complexion. The massager's rolling action helps to tone and tighten facial skin, promoting a more youthful and lifted appearance.


    • Bamboo wood casing offers long-lasting durability
    • Surgical-grade stainless steel roller ball
    • Ergonomic handle fits nicely into palm of either hand
    • Stimulates pressure points and helps tighten facial skin
    • Regular daily use helps promote lymphatic drainage which reduces puffiness and wrinkles
    • Roller ball approximately 3/4" diameter
    • Measures approximately 2" diameter (at widest part) x 2 1/4" high/long
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