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    Merino Wool 3pk Dark Gray Compression Socks

    Your Price: $17.99
    If you suffer from pain or fatigue in your lower legs, these Wool Compression Socks may be just the thing to give you some much needed relief. These unique socks now feature a Merino wool blend! It's a natural fiber grown by Merino sheep, thinner and softer than most other fibers.
    Item # 10099
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    Click to read about our staffOne of the most common questions asked online about wool socks is whether or not you should wear them during the summer.

    Well I'm here to tell you that these socks are not just for summer, but ALL year 'round!

    First of all, these are compression socks, designed to fit snugly around your leg from the arches to your calves. This increases blood flow, preventing sore feet, leg tension, varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, and even blood clots. Whether you're standing up for long periods of time or sitting on a plane for hours - your legs need these!

    These socks feature a wool blend to get the best qualities of every fiber. The Merino wool is a special fiber derived from a certain species of sheep that has a thinner and softer feel for lightweight but powerful fabric.

    Wool is naturally moisture-wicking to prevent sweaty, stinky feet. The lightweight material dries easily, making it perfect for athletics, camping, hiking, and more. This helps regulate your body temperature in any condition from hot summer days to winter. And the contemporary design looks as good on the trail as they do in the office.

    Visit the site to see our size chart (it runs a little small, but you are looking for a snug fit to be effective). We're also selling this as a bundle with 3 pairs together as a PulseTV Exclusive.

    - Get 3 Pairs of Compression Socks
    - Super Soft and Comfy
    - UPF 30+ Protection from the Sun
    - Moisture-Wicking Wool
    - Dries Easy and Prevents Sweaty Feet
    - Regulates Body Temperature
    - Cool in Summer, Warm in Winter
    - Snug Fit Encourages Proper Blood Flow
    - Prevent Blood Clots
    - Antibacterial Properties Cut Down on Odor
    - Reduces Pain, Swelling and Fatigue in Calves and Ankles
    - Good for Varicose Veins and Mild to Moderate Edema
    - Great for Hiking, Outdoors Activity, Flights, Business Trips and More
    - Visit Site for More Information


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