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Super Box O' Deals/Junk - 4 Items - $40 Value

Compare At:  $40.00 
Your Price: $6.99
You will receive (4) Random pieces of junk in exchange for your hard earned green... interested?
Item # 5071
Wanna live on the edge? We went through the warehouse and complied a mountain of... you guessed it... junk!

Please rest assured that you will receive worthless garbage in exchange for your hard earned green! We'll throw (4) pieces of junk into a box and ship it directly to your door where you will be anxiously awaiting your surprise. These will ship for next to nothing if you add them to your order with any other item. It doesn't get any better than that!

Well I guess we should tell you that these junk items have a combined retail price of AT LEAST $40.00... and you know what they say, you may just find a treasure among some junk.

It's mostly odds and ends we have just lying around. Samples, products we've opened up for our pictures and videos, and some exclusive items we have for this very purpose make their way in too!

Please Note: It is what it is, therefore there are no returns on these boxes filled with goodies.

(Must Accept By Repeating Out Loud To Yourself Prior To Purchase)

1. I expect nothing beyond the number of promised items in this box. (4)
2. I shall not whine or complain about the ITEMS I get.
3. I shall reflect on whether I might be better off just not buying a Box O' Deals/Junk.

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Existing reviews
$5 value if that
Definitely a super box of junk. Stuff basically found at a $1 store
From: JUAN | Date: 7/28/2023 11:00 PM
Really Junk
Supposed to be a $40 value. Not even worth the $7. I got a 3 pack of expanding towel disks. One face mask. 1 thing that holds your glasses on I dont wear glasses, and a nite lite that is supposed to come on at dark that doesnt. Pure garbage.
From: RUTH | Date: 1/25/2023 10:00 PM
Mystery box
Not all were useful for us but can be regifted
From: LINDA | Date: 5/26/2022 11:00 PM
Doesnt disappoint
Always good. Sometimes it has feminine stuff but i give that to my neighbor.
From: MARVIN | Date: 1/27/2022 10:00 PM
Got my moneys worth and thought I got a good deal. The excitement alone was worth it.
From: HENRY | Date: 11/23/2021 10:00 PM
First time I did this and I am so pleased with what I got.
I definitely got more then my moneys worth with this one. I love the flashlight and will be sending the tattoos to one of my granddaughters. I am equally pleased with the rest of it too.
From: ELIZABETH | Date: 4/25/2021 11:00 PM
Great Deal!
My memory is mixed up about what I got in this Great Deal and the one before but I remember thinking that the deal was worth more than $40! I know I got a video but cant remember what the other 3 were. Probably because I gave them to my daughter ! If I get something in my Boxes of Junk, that I have or cant use, I give it to her! She appreciates it!
From: VIRGINIA L | Date: 4/5/2021 11:00 PM
Nothing I cant use.
I try to get one every purchase of something else. Of all the boxes, probably 5 or 6, I have received only one item, twice, that I have no use for. The camouflage contact lens holder. It is nice but no one I know needs one. I have received, knives, cooking utensils, scarves, reusable mask w/filter pocket, one of those credit card sized tool kit, gamer headphones w/microphone, and other things I can use or give to my caregiver. She gets so excited to see whats in one, every time I get one, even if there is nothing for her. Its worth more than I pay for it! Yes I always get a value of $40 or more! I guess it is in how you look at the items whether you like the box or think it is junk!
From: VIRGINIA L | Date: 3/2/2021 10:00 PM
Box of good stuff
I always get something exciting. This one had an interactive puzzle that will be great for my grandson. Guess Ill have to get another box to get a something for my granddaughter.
From: MARVIN | Date: 1/4/2021 10:00 PM
Box O Deals/Junk 4 items
Loved getting the surprises great steal and deal
From: MANDY | Date: 12/28/2020 10:00 PM
Nice surprise
Nice little box of surprises
From: Sarah | Date: 12/10/2020 10:00 PM
Much fun to open!
I was pleasantly surprised with the contents! Surprises are almost always fun.
From: FLORA | Date: 10/2/2020 11:00 PM
Some cool stuff
Overall I would say that it was 1/3rd junk, 1/3rd cool stuff to give away, and 1/3rd stuff we keep. A good deal, and it's fun to open it up and be surprised!
From: LEWIS | Date: 8/15/2020 11:00 PM
Total bag of junk
Definitely not worth a $40 value, much less what I actually paid.
From: REBECCA | Date: 8/13/2020 11:00 PM
They always surprise me with something cool!!!
I buy the super box of deals and most times I get something cool that I never expected to get.  I love it!!! I have a small collection of the surprises and I plan to use them as gifts.
From: Sue | Date: 6/22/2020 11:00 PM
Great Box
Good value for the cost
From: JACK | Date: 6/17/2020 11:00 PM
Ok but nothing great. Won't take the chance again
From: ELIZABETH | Date: 10/2/2019 11:00 PM
Everything in the. Box was junk or broken save you money
From: KAREN | Date: 9/30/2019 11:00 PM
Great surprise box
The surprise box was worth the value. The portable room light is very bright, light weight, and very handy.  I recommend you to buy some they are worth the price and more
From: JOHN | Date: 9/15/2019 11:00 PM
Four homeless people now have tooth brushes
Only the tooth brushes were use-able. Gave them to homeless. The rest I tossed in the goodwill bin
From: DAVID | Date: 1/11/2019 10:00 PM
Not Junk to me!
I bought this one and the 3 item box and was surprised to get very useful items! All 7 items value was stated as $60 total but one item, if bought at a favorite discount store would be $20 dollars by itself! Those who felt cheated, expected high end items! Me; I will buy again after Christmas!
From: VIRGINIA L | Date: 12/1/2018 10:00 PM
Kind of a let down. 3 out of 1 items, really junk. but, what can one expect for a few bucks?
From: MICHAEL | Date: 9/24/2018 11:00 PM
Box o deals
I have purchased 3 box o deals in the past but this one was all throw away.. nothing I could ever use and no one wanted anything from it.
From: ROBIN | Date: 5/23/2018 11:00 PM
Super Box ODeals
Sorry, but this was a total waste of money.  Nothing but junk in the box.  Very disappointing.  I just threw it away.
From: KENNETH | Date: 4/2/2018 11:00 PM
nothing of use to me
disappointed, nothing in box of use to me.
From: DAVID | Date: 3/31/2018 11:00 PM
Not worth deal
The items that came in my mystery box. ..I felt like I really got took. ....the items I got. ....were not worth 5 dollars to me. ..where you would have normally charged 40...if I would have paid the Normal 40 you charged. ..I would have been highly upset. ...I would h have. Stopped shopping at this site..and for what I got. ..I felt like I was robbed. ...I will never buy another mystery box
From: TERRY | Date: 4/3/2017 11:00 PM
Nice Surprise Box
Great box O Junk!  The things were useful and worth the money.  Thanks for the surprise!
From: PEGGY | Date: 3/27/2017 11:00 PM
Push & Chop
I received this chopper along with 3 other items in my super box of deals / 4 item of junk. The way i see it, i paid $6 for this chopper. This package is  advertised at $40 value. Dont think it worth all that, but.. its still fairly good deal for $6 .
From: TERRY | Date: 3/20/2017 11:00 PM
Box O Junk
Value of this box wasnt even close to the stated $40.  Definitely a box o junk.
From: TAMARA | Date: 3/12/2017 11:00 PM
Super box of deals
The second super box of deals I bought was the same as the first one. Very dissappointing especially to this sucker for grab bags.
From: PETER | Date: 3/12/2017 11:00 PM
Why not?
I got the box O deals I figured why not?  Well I got the box and I still figured why not?   I mostly buy them for my entertainment.  As in what is going to be?  There is some cheap stuff here but nothing I would really consider to be truly junk so have fun with it.
From: MARK | Date: 3/4/2017 10:00 PM
Nothing worth having
Didnt receive anything worth keeping.
From: DAVID | Date: 3/2/2017 10:00 PM
All the things I ordered are great products and their prices good
I have truly appreciated everything I ordered and the prices were a outstanding. I would recommend this company to anyone.
From: RUSSELL | Date: 1/31/2017 10:00 PM
Worth the money BUT
Im sure the items add up but not to $40. There wasnt one thing that I would have bought if given a choice. In all fairness, it does say a box of junk. They are not misleading us and you just might find something you really want.
From: CORALEE | Date: 1/22/2017 10:00 PM
Box of junk
There was one item that was useful and the remainder was nothing I would use...but it was advertised as nothing special. Probably would never order this item again.
From: RONALD | Date: 1/10/2017 10:00 PM
The stuff was total junk.
From: THOMAS | Date: 1/9/2017 10:00 PM
Ladies Gloves & Hair Glitter useless to a Guy in Florida
Ive bought hundreds of $$ in Items from PulseTV & in all fairness, most everything has been OK & as Advertised. However, despite PTv Co.s Disclaimers & the Title itself: Box O Junk, sending tiny Ladies Cold-climate Gloves & Hair Glitter to an Adult Male in Florida is a waste of My time & Money. I would respectfully suggest that PulseTv reevaluate their Box o Junk Deals to be more realistic in being useful to the Buyer;i.e try to match the Pkg. Contents to the Gender of the Buyer, as many of PulseTvs Competitors do that have similar Grab-Bag Mystery Box Deals.Ive bought many Box O Junk Deals & 90% inside I have had to donate to Charity or Give away ! : So, tho having been warned of the possibilityof the Junk, actually being Junk ~ In the Future, Please make it Guy-Junk or Girl-Junk & dont send things like tiny Ladies Gloves to Guys in Hot Florida Climates ! Thank You for asking for, & listening to our Feedback :D
From: KENT | Date: 1/9/2017 10:00 PM
Hair highlighters???? Im bald. Touch gloves that dont fit? Oh well.....at least it satisfied my curiosity.
From: DAVID | Date: 1/5/2017 10:00 PM
Super Box O Deals/Junk - 4 Items
I was able to use one of the items and my wife got the rest. Not bad
From: CRAIG | Date: 1/4/2017 10:00 PM
Items were redundant and not convinced about the value.
From: JILL | Date: 1/3/2017 10:00 PM
Owner self employed
I gave them out to surprise those at my house for Christmas
From: MIKE | Date: 1/3/2017 10:00 PM
Super Box O Deals/Junk
We get these for Christmas for the adults!!! We have more fun and laughs! They are a big hit!!! Some stuff is good, some not so good. But, oh the laughs they bring!!!
From: Lynne | Date: 12/25/2016 10:00 PM
love the junk
very happy as always,never know what im getting, but always delighted. even if i cant use some of the so called junk i know somebody that can.
From: CHRISTOPHER | Date: 12/23/2016 10:00 PM
Not $40 worth
I had multiples of some small items and one large item. I was using the gifts for a Christmas game so I was able to use them, however I still dont feel I got my moneys worth. Just pick stuff yourself.
From: KIM | Date: 12/21/2016 10:00 PM
Surprise Box
Decided to take a chance on the surprise box and was very pleased. Well worth the price.
From: YVONNE | Date: 12/20/2016 10:00 PM
Surprise Box
Went with the surprise box and was very pleased. Got some Christmas gifts.
From: YVONNE | Date: 12/20/2016 10:00 PM
buy what you want
this is a box of items you probably would not buy for yourself, the item do add up to, or above what the box cost.
From: STEVE | Date: 12/3/2016 10:00 PM
Great stuff
I can use the items that came in this box o deals/junk for Christmas presents/stocking stuffers this year.  For the money, it is really a pleasant surprise.  I will do it again, I am sure!
From: MARILYN | Date: 11/6/2016 10:00 PM
Would not buy again.
I received some hair products that were dried up and useless, went straight to the trash can.these should not have ever been shipped.Most of what I got was useless to me.
From: MARSHALL | Date: 10/24/2016 11:00 PM
super box o deals/junk 4 items
like getting silly & good things in one box for small price.
From: ADERIAN | Date: 9/4/2016 11:00 PM
You Did Say Junk; But It Was New Junk!
I wasnt overwhelmed with the stuff; but they may make good presents at Christmas time for other people. Not bad; just not great! It was all about the surprise!
From: Jolindo | Date: 8/22/2016 11:00 PM
Waste of money
everything in my surprise box was for a woman, so I had to give it away! It was a waste of my money!
From: PETER | Date: 8/21/2016 11:00 PM
Super box o deals
JUNK, should have paid attention to word  JUNKLasers didnt work batteries were rusty. other items worthless to me and cheap!
From: TED | Date: 8/17/2016 11:00 PM
love it love it love it.  I like the element of surprise when I open the box but I have to space the purchases further out because sometimes I get duplicates
From: JACQUELINE | Date: 7/31/2016 11:00 PM
Good items, happy with this buy.
From: KEVIN | Date: 7/30/2016 11:00 PM
junk items
the items I got were duplicates from previous ones I got. Although good, this deterred me from ordering a third time
From: JORGE | Date: 7/24/2016 11:00 PM
Good but not great junk
From: BERNARD | Date: 7/20/2016 11:00 PM
Do not waste your money on this product.  I have a hard time believing that the items in these boxes are worth $40.
From: BENJAMIN | Date: 7/18/2016 11:00 PM
Super Box O Deals/Junk
Junk: Good description.  It was junk. The calculator did not work and the rest of the stuff I could not use. Ill never order that again.
From: ROBERT | Date: 6/22/2016 11:00 PM
nothing of value
There was nothing of any value to me in that purchase. Only stuff you could never sell. I will not purchase the JUNKY ITEMS BOX again. Resisted my curiosity for quite a while, now I know----never purchase it again!There have been many items that I have been very happy with and will continue to purchase items that I can use.
From: SHARON | Date: 6/20/2016 11:00 PM
do nnot recommend
From: KIRAN | Date: 6/19/2016 11:00 PM
Box O Deals/Junk
They were ok, I had two orders and so tried two of these surprises and they were the same. Fortunately I have 8 grandchildren and so the duplication was not a problem and the items inside were good items to use.
From: RICHARD | Date: 5/27/2016 11:00 PM
Love it
I always enjoy the box deal/junk. You never know what you will get.  But it is always with the money.
From: HOLLY | Date: 5/18/2016 11:00 PM
All in a box
Great items
From: DELORES | Date: 5/15/2016 11:00 PM
Junk box
It is just that JUNK. NOT WORTH ANYTHING. If I was a child I might like it but as an adult of 62 years of age it is just that JUNK and was put in the trash can as soon as I opened it.
From: STEPHEN | Date: 5/12/2016 11:00 PM
Surprize box
These make great surprise gift boxes.  My brother has found it containing some very useful items for the home and lawn.
From: KENNETH | Date: 5/9/2016 11:00 PM

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