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Coleman® Nostalgic Tin Mug Citronella Repellent Candle 6-Pack

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Your Price: $17.99
These eye-catching candles combine everyone's favorite campfire mug design with long-lasting citronella repellent, keeping pesky mosquitoes and bugs at bay.
Item # 10720A

Upgrade Your Cookouts & Patio Gatherings With These Nostalgic Tin Mug Citronella Repellent Candles by Coleman®

These eye-catching candles combine everyone's favorite campfire mug design with long-lasting citronella repellent, keeping pesky mosquitoes and bugs at bay.

But that's not all! Light one up and let the captivating fresh white pine scent transport you to a place of relaxation and serenity. This calming aroma, inspired by the crispness of a summer forest, complements the natural citronella oil, creating a more pleasant outdoor ambiance for you and your guests.

Why You Should Grab These Before They Sell Out

Durable Tin Mugs: These mugs are crafted from long-lasting tin, replicating the iconic camp fire design. 

Citronella Repellent: Infused with citronella oil, a natural insect repellent, these candles provide effective protection against mosquitoes and other flying insects.

Long-lasting Protection: Enjoy up to 50 hours of burn time per candle, keeping your outdoor space comfortable all summer long.

6-Pack for Convenience: This pack includes 6 citronella candles, providing ample coverage for your patio, deck, or backyard.

Classic Design: The nostalgic tin mug design adds a touch of vintage charm to your outdoor decor.

Perfect For:
Backyards & Patios
Decks & Porches
Camping Trips

Super Saver Case Pack!

You can buy one of these in stores and on other sites for $9.99 for JUST ONE! Our special direct deal with the manufacturer allows us to sell a whole case pack of 6 for below wholesale cost!


  • Special 6-Pack saves you over $40!
  • Nostalgic Coleman® tin mug with citronella candle inside
  • Citronella provides a layer of protections against mosquitoes
  • Scented white pine citronella
  • Each candle burns up to 50 hours
  • 100% recyclable/reusable tin (not food safe)
  • For outdoor use only
  • Sturdy fiber wick encourages an even burn
  • Adds ambiance to backyards, patios, and campsites

About Coleman®
It all started with W.C. Coleman inventing the first portable, gas-powered lantern over 120 years ago. Since then Coleman® has been synonymous with camping and outdoor recreation.

Their products have been a staple in our American history from helping soldiers in WWII to helping families enjoy the great outdoors. 120 years later Coleman® is still number one where there are gathering of friends and family with the promise to help you enjoy more!

Please Note: These mugs are not food safe. Do not eat or drink from them.

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Click to read about our staffOne of my favorite things about spring and summer are the evening gatherings of family and friends on the deck. Playing a few lawn games and enjoying a refreshment or two.

I've long been a fan of these Coleman® Tin Mug Citronella Repellent Candles. They enhance the evening for three reasons:

1. The Citronella aids in keeping mosquitoes at bay
2. The ambient flicker of the candle light is warm and inviting
3. The fresh White Pine scent is a calming aroma, inspired by the crispness of a summer forest

Real People, Real DealsThat's why I just couldn't pass up this deal that gets you a whole case of 6 for this low price.

Why You Should Grab These Before They Sell Out
- The Candle is in a Durable and Classic Tin Mug
- It is Infused w/ Citronella Oil (a natural insect repellent)
- Each Candle Burns Up To 50 hours
- The Insanely Low Price! Big 5 Sporting Goods sells just one for $9.99 from us you get SIX FOR JUST $17.99 - A SAVINGS OF OVER $40!

These are perfect for Backyards & Patios, Decks & Porches, Camping Trips, Cabins and more!


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